SSMU Vice-President Finance Resigns

Photo: Seng Chiat Haw

This is a developing story. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

On November 16, Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Vice-President Finance Arisha Khan resigned from her position, citing personal reasons. The resignation was announced by the SSMU Vice-President Internal, Maya Koparkar, in a statement emailed to the membership. In her position as Vice-President Finance, Khan was responsible for overseeing the Society’s budget and was tasked with monitoring and ensuring the financial stability of the Society and its many clubs and organizations. Khan’s duties also involved addressing the budgetary concerns pertaining to the closure of the SSMU building.

In a statement to The Bull & Bear, Koparkar explained that the executive is currently in the early stages of finalizing the process for initiating a by-election for the position. Until then, Koparkar said that the executive will be “working together to figure out how best to divide the responsibilities” of the Finance portfolio. Khan has volunteered to be involved in the transition and orientation process of the incoming VP Finance upon their election.

Vice-President External Connor Spencer echoed Koparkar on this point. Spencer also stated that she hoped Khan’s resignation would “serve as a wake up call to the folks in and around SSMU” about the “serious amount of harm” that has plagued the executive team this year.

President Muna Tojiboeva reiterated both Koparkar and Spencer’s sentiments, adding that the executive as a whole was “sad to see Arisha leave,” and that they will miss her as a member of their team. Tojiboeva stressed that the executive will be taking the necessary steps to ensure a timely by-election and expressed that she is “looking forward to continuing working with the rest of the executives and the VP Finance’s replacement.”

This is the second resignation from the SSMU Executive this year: VP Operations & Sustainability Anuradha Malik resigned over the summer, prior to the start of the academic year. Following Khan’s resignation, the executive team consists of President Muna Tojiboeva, Vice-President Student Life Jemark Earle, Vice-President Internal Affairs Maya Koparkar, Vice-President University Affairs Isabelle Oke, and Vice-President External Affairs Connor Spencer.

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