The Varsity Voice

The Varsity Voice is the newest addition to The Bull & Bear’s Podcast lineup! Hosted by McGill Varsity basketball player Noah Daoust, The Varsity Voice looks to get into the head of the McGill athlete and have a nuanced discussion on far more than the typical X’s and O’s. At The Varsity Voice, we understand that there is so much more to the student athlete than simply athletics, especially at a school like McGill. We can’t be more excited and hope you all give it a listen and join us on this journey!

Produced by: Mairead Shaw and Zach Lanys


Episode 3: Andrew Biddell

In episode three of The Varsity Voice, Noah sits down with Andrew Biddell in the podcast studio. Andrew and Noah discuss Andrew’s position change from a wide receiver to tight end, the changing nature of football due to the rise in concussions, and the consequences of head injuries for student-football players.

Episode 2: Patrick Farias

In the second episode of The Varsity Voice, Noah sits down with former McGill track star Patrick Farias. Noah and Patrick discuss Patrick’s time at McGill, the different sports he’s tried during his athletic career, and Patrick’s near career-ending brain injury.

Episode 1: Dele Ogundokun

Our first episode features former star of the McGill basketball team, Dele Ogundokun, with topics including barriers to success during his time at McGill, Dele’s family background, and how athletics have helped him pursue a career in accounting.