About Us


The Bull & Bear is McGill University’s premier student-run magazine. The publication is operated on an unpaid basis by an executive board of 6 members, an editorial team of 12, and a total staff of approximately 75. Semesterly print issues, published via the Management Undergraduate Society, serve as an in-depth and insightful view on the key issues and events on campus. Online, The Bull & Bear publishes on a rolling schedule multiple times per week across four sections: News, Business & Technology, Arts & Culture, and Opinion.

As of 2012, we offer professional media services, allowing campus groups to hire The Bull & Bear to create promotional material for advertising and sponsorship.

History of The Bull & Bear

Founded in 2003, The Bull & Bear has since served as the voice of the Desautels Faculty of Management on McGill’s campus. Monthly issues combined factual reports, discussion pieces, and entertainment articles in a newspaper format. It served to represent the unique faculty and student body of within Bronfman Building  and maintained a business-oriented theme.

In 2012, The Bull & Bear officially rebranded as a magazine publication and implemented a shift to covering campus-wide news and events. A magazine format  better expressed our content in the best possible means, allowing us to be better suited in exploring matters on a deeper and more meaningful level. Today, we publish one magazine per semester, each with its own distinct theme.

How we operate

The Bull & Bear operates within the Management Undergraduate Society (MUS). As such, the MUS receives all revenues earned by The Bull & Bear, and pays for all expenses incurred by The Bull & Bear. There is no dedicated fee levy for the publication: all undergraduate management students pay a semesterly fee levy to the MUS, and the society uses part of this levy to provide ongoing financial support to all of its organizations. The Bull & Bear submits a budget to the MUS at the beginning of each academic year, including projected revenues and expenses, which are then approved by the MUS. The publication’s revenues are generally received from advertising, sponsorship, and photography services. Expenses may include issue printing, web hosting, and branded materials.

Mission statement

The mission of The Bull & Bear is to deliver knowledge, insight, and inspiration to the whole of the McGill community. As the premier student magazine on campus, we seek to provide reliable reporting on critical events and issues within our school sphere, while also offering commentary on developments on and off campus. Open, engaged and balanced, our ultimate goal is to be a source of both accurate information and vibrant opinion, all created by and for McGill students.

Executive Board 2019-20

Executive Editor

Sarah Farb

Managing Editor

Megan Abellera

Business Co-Director

Ksenia Shulyarenko

Business Co-Director

Sabrina Barkhouse

Operations Director

Demi Assimacopoulos

Media Director

Drake Wong

Layout Editor

Bei-Chen Lee

Web Editor

Anas Shahid

Editorial Board 2019-20

Rose Bostwick

News Editor

Andie Habert

News Editor

Jacob Klemmer

Arts and Culture Editor

Jenna Benchetrit

Arts and Culture Editor

Rohan Roychoudhury

Business and Technology Editor

Youcef Sahnoune

Business and Technology Editor

Sam Shepherd

Opinion Editor

Liane Faingold

Opinion Editor



Copy Editors: Avery Franken, Emma Slack-Jorgensen, Tara Alami, Sarah Sylvester

Business Team

Sales Managers: Wiley McGowan, Cole Hendriks, Abigail Ramirez, Ben Spilg, Brian Spivak

Sales Coordinator: Hana Gill

Finance Officer: Megan Abellera

Operations Team

Marketing/Ops Officers: Clariza-Isabel Castro, Sophie Booth, Zabi Asam, Zaki Hirji

Media Team

Photographers: Alexandra Makri, Bella Carver, Drake Wong, Elsa Hetletvedt, Emily Handfield, Grace Hennigar, Iman Zarrunkoub, Melis May Sarfati, Mia Gill, Ruby Mouhanna, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trevor Cross, Zeyna Benbrahim

Layout Team

Designers: Bei-Chen Li, Erin Sass, Emmy Wang, Axelle Karam, AO Shen, Cynthia Cui, Karen Zhuang, Eden Granovsky