Election Results: MUS Executive 2016-2017

The results of the MUS election today echoed across 4à7, as current members said good-bye and welcomed the new executive team. Forty or so rowdy friends, supporters, and regulars crowded the Bronfman basement and cheered on the newest team, featuring members of all ages and majors.

The President-Elect, Rachel Burk, (Marketing, U2) had some words to share about her expectations of the upcoming school year. “I’m really excited to work with my new team to turn Bronfman High into our own Bronfman community. I want Bronfman to be a place where everyone is proud of their school, where our environment is one that is positive and productive.”

VP Internal Fiona McCarten shared the sentiment (Finance, U1). Despite being the second youngest to join the MUS team (McCarten is just 18), Fiona’s hopes are anything but small: “I’m so excited to be joining such a great team and start work on all the positive changes we have planned for the Bronfman community this year.”

By-standers, regardless of faculty, have “high expectations of the MUS this year,” commented U3 Nursing and Risk Management student, Melanie Palumbo. “Ramzi and I worked together during our time in our schools’ respective student councils,” Mustafa Caylan comments, “even then, you could see his talent and pragmatic approach to event planning. I’m sure he will do an excellent job as VP Events for the MUS.” Encouraging words and insurances of future success filled the room. If tonight is any indicator, this upcoming year will be one of excitement, professionalism and progress for Bronfman.

Here’s the full list for the MUS Executive team for the 2016-2017 school year:

President – Rachel Burk

VP Internal – Fiona McCarten

VP Communications – Andrew Just

VP Academics – Aarushi Kumar

VP Competitions – Claire Porter

VP Corporate Relations – Oliver Walerys

VP Events – Ramzi Cotran

VP Finance – Nick Taylor

VP Development and Operations – Michael Fishman