Our Teams: Business

The Business section presents commerce, finance, and management from a variety of insightful perspectives. Our goal is to succinctly articulate and make often-complex ideas more accessible to the university student. Writers have the freedom to explore their interests, and challenge themselves by producing content for the fastest growing section of The Bull & Bear.

Who We Look For

Candidates applying to The Bull & Bear Business team should be well-versed in the basics of business, finance, and management in order to provide a thorough and accurate analysis.

What You Would Be Doing

On  the Business team, you are expected to contribute at least one article per month, which will be posted online and potentially selected for print. As a Business writer, you will be expected to be aware of ongoing, relevant, and particularly interesting news occurring in the world of business and if and how that affects university students. More importantly, writers are expected to express ideas and perspectives in accessible terms, using non-technical language for a wide variety of readers.