Our Teams: News

The Bull & Bear News team consists of dedicated writers who cover breaking events as well as larger investigative and thematic pieces. Due to the widespread nature of the News team, there is considerable variety to the types of stories published in the section.

Who We Look For

Writing in the News team, you will be encouraged to identify key issues on campus. Occasionally, you will also receive events or story assignments by your editor, sometimes with acute time constraints. We’re looking for candidates who are outgoing, open to learning, and keen to develop writing skills while getting actively involved in campus life. Developing interpersonal and communication skills will be important for interviewing and formulating articles.

What You Would Be Doing

On joining the News team, you would be expected to contribute at least one article per month, which will be posted online and potentially selected for print. In addition to gaining writing experience, you would be actively following campus events and required to identify key ideas and issues on campus to discuss at weekly meetings.