Our Teams: Opinion

Critical. Thoughtful. Relevant. The Opinion section of The Bull & Bear serves as the platform for insightful and powerful commentary on the important issues around campus. Well-versed in various styles of opinion and argumentation, Opinion writers are outspoken and unafraid to present a strong yet respectful stance on the topics that students find relevant.

Who We Look For

Candidates are expected to have some previous writing experience, but you will also receive training from our staff on how to improve your writing through tutorial sessions and personalized editing. Most importantly, you should have a genuine interest in writing, strongly defend positions, voice respectful criticism, and engage in polarizing discourse. We’re looking for candidates who can quickly and accurately analyze positions while presenting their own constructed opinions on a topic.

What You Would Be Doing

As an Opinion Writer, you will express your opinions about topics that are relevant and interesting to McGill and/or student life. For example, if an idea relating to student culture or McGill bureaucracy is particularly relevant, you may be asked to write an article explaining the issue supporting a stance clearly and concisely. The time commitment is at least three articles per two months, so the time spent per article (about 1000 words) varies depending on the writer. The team hold meetings roughly every two weeks to discuss ideas and coordinate publishing plans for the month.