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Let’s Talk About Sex

The results of the 2015 Sex Survey are finally revealed

“I met my employer on Tinder.”

And, with that, welcome to The Bull & Bear’s 2015 Sex Survey. Clocking in at over 1,200 responses, this was by far our most popular survey yet; although, that comes as no surprise seeing as you McGillians seem to find as much pleasure talking about sex as you do partaking in it. From your self-love habits when no one’s looking to your exhibitionistic antics when all eyes are in fact on you, we sincerely thank you for having taken the time to spill the beans on all your sexual exploits. I can’t say I needed to read all of that, but hey, at least I can now say I know all my fellow classmates that much better – right?

As you scroll down, we hope you take the time to appreciate the sublime images, shot by The Bull & Bear’s own Stella Lee, in what can be called our very own homage to 50 Shades of Grey – one that would certainly get even Mr. Grey himself all hot and bothered. As you admire the photographs, do pay heed to the captions layered over them, as they are in fact true stories – every single one of them.

That said, admittedly, this was by no means a scientific research study aiming to uncover some esoteric truths on the erotic activities that take place on campus. I mean, to paraphrase one astute observer, “literally anyone” who had access to our Facebook page could have answered the survey. Although I beg to differ that this revelatory detail means that our “resulting data is worthless,” I guess it just means you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Still, as much as some might have used this as an opportunity to anonymously embellish their sex life, I’m sure that there’s so much that could’ve have been said, but that probably wasn’t.

After all, to quote one of our most forthcoming respondents when asked to describe their most ridiculous Frosh/Carnival stories, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”


By Chukwubuikem Nnebe, Stella Lee, Ana Maljkovic, Victoria Paskannaya, and Paul de Bretteville.
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"I got incredibly drunk during power hour, and a bottle of vodka and 25 shots of beer later, made out with every single guy I laid my eyes on."
"Came back to rez covered in nothing but chocolate sauce."
"Hooked up with one guy at my apartment, next night ended up hooking with his roommate (without knowing) at his apartment. Bumped into the first guy. Awkward."
"Hooked up with someone from the West Island and had to make my way back in the morning with no money and just a bikini top and shorts on."
"Had sex with two female cops in their car after being arrested for selling Chef on Call discount cards."
"Puked on a couple having sex in some bushes, didn't realize they were there till I was already puking. They didn't seem fazed by the whole situation and kept at it..."
"During Carnival, I had to wrestle with a guy in a lube filled swimming pool."
"My friend hosted a Carnival activity where people had to mimic sex positions. Two strangers took the game too far and had sex on his living room floor."

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