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The Bull & Bear offers student groups the opportunity to enjoy professional-level photography and videography services for affordable prices! If you are interested in photography or videography services, please fill out the below form and we will get back to you soon. Our ability to provide these services depends on the availability of our media team’s members – short notice requests are rarely fulfilled so request our services early.

    Please fill out the following Photographer Request Form with as many details as possible. Due to the large volume of requests received, our ability to cover your event depends on the availability of our photographers. If we are able to cover your event, we will send you a coverage contract and/or pricing scheme as well as the contact information of The Bull & Bear member(s) to cover your event.
    FEE: Please note that coverage is $30 per hour plus the cost of transportation. (if applicable)

    You MUST fill out the separate Videographer Request Form if you would like video coverage.

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    Notice: Unless this is a MUS-affiliated event, a charge will apply for photography coverage. If we are able to cover your event, we will send you a coverage contract with the priced fee.*
    I have read this statement and accept the chargeThis is a MUS event