Mental Health

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How do you aim to lift the stigma on mental health?

Ben Ger

Ben Ger

“Mental health is incredibly important to me. I want to lift the pressure off students and put it back onto the administration so that we can implement preventative measures and really make a change.”

Ben talked about potential support from VP Student Life and VP of University Affairs for his mental health initiatives, stressing that his work towards a better understanding of mental health will not fall under the table. He plans on implementing mandatory mental health training for all faculty, opening up spaces for the clinic, and creating a network of support between SSMU, various mental health initiatives, and students.

Jordan Sinder

Jordan Sinder

“I intend to work with the VP Internal as well as different McGill organizations such as Healthy McGill and TVM to create positive messages surrounding mental health.”

Though typically oppositionary, Jordan made a point of recognizing his opponent’s work towards better mental health space on campus, advocating for the normalization of mental health through awareness and public knowledge.

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