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How will you effectively make clubs more accessible to students?


Elaine Patterson

“Promotion is one of the main things that needs to be done for clubs… Part of my plan will be to extend activities night. Instead of activities night being two nights, I would like to extend it to three nights and possibly making the hours each night shorter… (As well), I would like to extend activities night into the Brown Building so as to provide more space.”

Elaine’s accessibility plan is highly focused on expanding the time and space allocated to activities night. As well, the Patterson later mentioned her interest in re-vamping Winter Activities Night and having promotion videos to get a greater student turnout.


Dushan Tripp

“I would like to promote activities week and orientation week closer to July and early August instead of mid-August…As well I would like to help clubs with their accessibility to administration through working with new clubs and improving resource planning… (Lastly), I would like to work with the new VP Finance to sort out funding issues including applications and audits.”

Dushan clearly indicates that, for him, the promotion of SSMU clubs is important, as he wishes to push forward the promotion of activities week and O-week. As well, working with new clubs and improving the efficiency of resource planning is also something important for this candidate.

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