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What unique experience do you have that you feel makes you a good fit for VP Student Life?


Elaine Patterson

“Something that is interesting about SSMU VP Student Life is that although it is internal to SSMU, there is so many aspects to a student’s life that contribute to their university experience so for me even though I wasn’t as involved in SSMU as I had hoped I could be … I have had involvement in Player’s Theatre , involved in IRSAM… those are some great experiences… also attending random club events here and there and using SSMU’s services… even with all those things I was still really involved on campus as a student…”


Dushan Tripp

“At my very first week at McGill I joined a club because I went to Discover McGill and I thought it would be cool for a couple hours a week I didn’t have to think about school, I can make some friends and have a hobby. That has evolved into a passion over the past 3 years into a passion for clubs. I have participated in ‘co-clubs’, and was a club rep for SSMU… Having the experience of being a member of a club and having that view of SSMU from the outside and being able to see clubs from the inside at SSMU is a good experience and something I can bring to the table.”

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