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Budget cuts and financial woes are at the centre of this year’s election. How do you intend to financially manage clubs and services? And how can you be sure you’re managing not only effectively but also for the benefit of the student body?


Elaine Patterson

“I have a Contingency plan if the club fund fee doesn’t pass… (In this scenario) I would make sure that clubs will have spaces to book events, and that these spaces are as economic as possible. Also, I would make sure that clubs were aware of other funding services that are available at McGill.”

Elaine seemed to have a more risk-averse response to the thought of the club fund fee failing. Her plan interestingly involves using sources outside of SSMU for funding, something that would change the course of the flexibility of clubs at McGill.


Dushan Tripp

“I have been on the funding committee the entire year and have realized that if the Club Fund Fee doesn’t pass, there won’t be a club fund next year… (Therefore) , because we expect $240,000 in applications over the next year (providing the fee doesn’t pass), we wont be able to operate at our current level.”

Dushan seemed to be very hopeful that the club fund fee will pass in the latest referendum. He seemed so hopeful that he did not prepare a contingency plan in case the motion fails. So, Dushan encourages students to vote yes to the Club Fund Fee otherwise student clubs and services will suffer.

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