The 5 Types of Partiers at McGill

1. Gerts Die-Hard



Whether you are dropping in for a pint between lectures or subjecting your liver to Sangria Wednesdays, you support your campus bar generously. As one of the most popular socializing spots on campus, Gerts has bred some of the finest university drinkers for decades. Affordable drinks, food, entertainment, and the guarantee of running into friends keeps students coming back again and again.

2. Potluck Partier



You’re too smart to be caught out in the cold lining up for clubs, and the combination of your friends’ company and strong dep wine has you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps representing the more mature side of the student population, potlucks and dinner parties were tied for the third most popular option when asked which type of party students prefer. After too many nights lined up outside Tokyo, I’m sure sharing the company of your friends over good food and wine is a pleasant change.

3. House Party Hoodlum



You’ll start the night socializing with friends and probably end up being held upside down over a keg in another friend’s apartment. The McGill ghetto and Plateau regions are the epicenter of this phenomenon. With sprawling apartment buildings housing some of the rowdiest students in the nation, it’s no wonder these areas are littered with house parties, especially during the hotter months and during Carnival or Hype Week. While most students stated they would throw a house party less than once a month, the committed minority of regular party-throwers seems to be keeping the McGill ghetto happily tipsy.

4. Bar Hoppin’ and Club Stoppin’

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Ever since you came to la belle province, the bright lights of Crescent Street and St.Laurent have pulled you in, while Boustan and 2chow offer instant comfort after a crazy night. McGill students voted St. Laurent and Rue Crescent as most popular for a night out. With numerous bars offering the charm and sociability of house parties, and nightclubs blasting the latest bangers, those looking for a slightly more subdued night out than a rave need look no further than a few streets away.

5. EDM fanatic

edm fanatic 2


edm fanatic 1


You probably have the New City Gas lineup memorized till 2016, and may well be sporting a Circus tattoo somewhere on your body. EDM is surging in Montreal, and our city regularly attracts the biggest names. Just this month, Igloofest has been showcasing some amazing Quebec DJs, while headlining international talent. With loud bass, fantastic light displays, and often obscure dance moves, this party scene is somewhat synonymous with the 34% of students who professed that MDMA is their drug of choice. As EDM is arguably one of the fastest growing genres in our city, rave fans can be rest assured that they’ll be able to shuffle into the wee hours of the afternoon for the foreseeable future.