B&B Picks: Lunch Spot Edition!

Photo: Evelyn Dom

This month for B&B Picks we asked our Executive Board to tell us about their favourite lunch spots in and around campus. Hope you’re hungry! 


Archit Gupta, Web Editor To be honest, I don’t understand how other ‘food’ places even remain in business alongside Super Sandwich. How can you compete against a place that prepares cheap and great sandwiches in less than a minute? Yessir! It’ll take you more time to pay than for them to make your sandwich. They have a wide variety of choices, from different kinds of meat sandwiches to veggie sandwiches. They also function as a convenience store so you can add other stuff (chips/soda/muffins) to make a your meal a great one. Located in the basement of the Cartier building on the corner of Peel and Sherbrooke, Super Sandwich is super close to campus and will forever remain my No.1 go-to lunch spot.

Patrick Timmer, Creative Director
Picture this: it’s the first snowfall of the winter. You’re wearing that sweater that your best friend gave you when you left for McGill. As you gaze out the window, slurping noodles and gulping down spoonful after spoonful of that Vinh’s warm, hearty broth, you notice someone slip and fall in the fresh blanket of snow. They get up quickly, glancing around to see if anyone saw them. They notice you and quickly turn red. You smile and giggle to yourself as you turn your attention back to the steaming bowl of soup in front of you. Life is good, Vinh’s is great.

Quinn Halman, Managing Editor- Editorial  
In my (God-willing) last year of McGill, I’ve often thought about whether or not I’ve made the most of what this school has to offer. That’s why I found myself perusing the farmers’ market a few Thursdays ago on McTavish. The good news and bad news is the same: I fell in love with a $4 bowl of chana masala and I only have so many Thursdays until the farmers’ market closes! Made by a lovely Indian couple, their stand offers fresh meals and jars of daal with a spice mix to take home and make yourself. It’s an all around feel good experience for your tastebuds, wallet, and soul.

William Horwitz, Business Director
When I decide to have lunch at Opiano I often think, “maybe I’ll try something new this time.” But the moment I step inside, the familiar aroma fills my nostrils and I know I have to get it again: Sundubu Jigaee, the spicy tofu soup. In life, I hope to surround myself with people whose approach conjures the same emotion as when I hear my number called at Opiano, indicating that my bubbling hot soup is ready. Opiano is a great spot to meet peers and friends, but some days the food requires your full attention. While classes and events change semester to semester, year to year, Opiano — steps away from the Bronfman building, affordable and quick — is a comforting constant.

Ali Schwenk, Managing Editor- Operations 
Every time I get a text asking where I want to go for lunch, I feel a sharp pang as I start typing “Quesada” then remember its sudden, heart-wrenching death. Gone are the days where I leave the house without bringing an umbrella or wearing appropriate footwear because my lunch spot is a quick hop, step, and a jump across McTavish. Lunch has now become a stressful ordeal which involves leaving the 50 metre radius of McLennan (or suffering the consequences of PM). Yes, the line was always long and yes, they always under-melted my cheese, but you truly don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. While I am still in mourning, I have to say, the one thing I will never regret is always going for the burrito rather than the salad bowl, because, as Quesada has shown us, life is short. RIP (Bronfman) Quesada.

Dan Schechner, Executive Editor
Japote is the sort of place you avoid telling your friends about, except for the ones you’re closest with – the line’s already long enough as is. But some secrets aren’t meant to be kept, so consider this my public service. Located deep inside the basement of the Scotiabank on Sherbrooke, you would never find Japote unless you were specifically looking for it. The joint specializes in rice dishes topped with classics like chicken teriyaki, oyakodon, and gyudon. Once you get your order, adorn it with the many mayos and sauces available at the end of the counter. Japote only takes cash, and they’re only open for three hours a day (11:30-2:30) – but this place has a cult following for a reason.

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