Carnival 2013 Rankings

Team Rankings

1. Bicurious George
2. What’s Her Age Again
3. The Finger Games
4. Big C*ntry Lovin
5. Bottoms Up
6. DepravenClaw
7. Sons of An Orgy
8. Fist Club
9. Suck My Top Gun
10. One Erection
11. Ass Club 7
12. RW
13. Remember the Tight Ones
14. Super Smashed Hoes

Individual Awards

King of Carnival: Michael Szpejda
Queen of Carnival: Sakina Mehinni
Captains of the Year: Brenna Rose McDonnel and Aylam Hofstein
Rookie of the Year: Guillaume Ecteau
Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank “The Tank” Chai
4th Year MVPs: Asa Davis, Jefferson Morris IV
3rd Year MVPs: Daniel Chaim, Antoine Crosby
2nd Year MVPs: Mariana Hinestrosa, Jack Melkerson
1st Year MVPs: Nick Martin, Casey Bryant

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