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Moving is far from stress-free and most of us come to dread the hassle it involves. However, one thing that I find exciting about a new place is getting to make it your own – small accents can sometimes go a long way. It’s sometimes difficult to feel comfortable right away in a new place, but I have found that adding your own touches can significantly shorten that process. It’s ok if you’re not an interior design guru, this article is meant to give you some ideas of how to turn your room from shabby into chic.

Firstly, you should consider how long you would be living in this particular room. Thinking that I would make my first apartment my home for the next three years, I went all out. I brought my friends over for a weekend of “fun” that included painting my room in hip coffee, mocha, and vanilla tones. It seemed like a reasonable investment, at the time. Alas, I left that location within a year, only to move into a new boring, white room, completely lacking in any personality, but I managed to remedy that.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture. Simply placing your sofa or bed in a new angle can change the entire feel of a room. Now that you’ve found your comfort zone, think about what you would like to see on your walls, or what you want your guests to know about you.

Whether you’re a painter, photographer, or collector of knick-knacks, you can display your hobbies on your walls. Flags, sport team jerseys, SnowJam toques, and beer-stained Frosh or Carnival shirts can all be pinned up for a little throwback. Photos are the easiest way to instantly make the room scream “you”. Make an inspiration wall à la Pinterest using your favourite pictures of family and friends, torn out pages from magazines, free postcards from events, and anything else that comes to mind. The possibilities are endless. Whether by yourself or with your roommate, you can also make customized signs for your front door or for every room. All the materials can be bought at Dollarama or art stores depending on how much you want to spend.

One good store to visit is DeSerres, they have many art supplies that can further inspire your decorative ventures. They offer several designs of adhesive wall decals, even white or blackboards, which can also stick to windows or mirrors and are easily removable. I’ve found this to be a good substitute for painting the wall, as it adds a pop of color and oomph to your room. Another option is 3D wall designs like flowers or birds – these are easy to hang or glue and are available in DeSerres or other interior design stores.

If you want something more personal, you could always find a friend who’s an artist, take a painting class, or search local galleries for cool art pieces. Apartment Art, a student-run personalized painting service, is also an option. Lastly, invite some friends over for a fancy dinner or drinks. The best thing to do in order to feel more at home in your new place is to make memories there!

DeSerres: 1500 McGill College Ave Montreal

Apartment Art: 

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