La Marq – A Home away from Home

From communal bathrooms in Residence Halls, to dilapidated but pricey Ghetto apartments, it would be generous to call university housing anything but sub-par. Whether it’s an apathetic, cash-hungry landlord, an old, poorly-insulated house that can’t handle a Montreal winter, or even a feeling of loneliness as no one dares to brave the cold to see their friends, it’s safe to say there is no shortage of problems. Yet, some students have opted to avoid these shortcomings and go with the smarter choice, La Marq housing.

La Marq au 515, located right off of Rue Sainte Catherine near Rue Aylmer, is the perfect option for students looking for a Residence Hall style community with the amenities of a modern apartment complex. La Marq offers students full sized apartments with private bedrooms, in-suite living rooms, and even kitchens. Outside of the rooms, students can enjoy an always-open gym, game and music rooms, as well as multiple study rooms and lounges. But what sets La Marq apart from other housing choices is the sense of community.

The staff at La Marq pride themselves on providing excellent services. Seven days a week, the staff greets all 440 residents – by name- in nine different languages. Professional and reliable, the staff are instrumental in fostering a tight-knit community. Residents can grow close to one another through numerous La Marq sponsored events. Their event calendar boasts events like barbeques, free yoga classes, movie nights, parties, and even a trip to a chalet up North. These events are a great opportunity to meet new people and something many students look forward to. The luxurious amenities, experienced staff, and full event calendar are nothing without the crowned jewel of La Marq – the tenants.

But what sets La Marq apart from other housing choices is the sense of community.

Being surrounded by students from over 45 different countries gives La Marq a uniquely diverse atmosphere. It provides students with an opportunity to experience a multitude of new cultures, traditions and cuisines, while building contacts from around the world. One resident, Jade Malcom, remarked, “At this point, I think there are only a few countries I could travel to where I wouldn’t know anyone from there”. Another resident, Anastasia Kuvoukis, echoed her sentiments, “I have met so many people here from countries all over the world, it’s so exciting to get to know them and learn about other cultures”.

When asked if they would be returning for a second year, Anastasia smiled, “I couldn’t picture living anywhere else, LaMarq has everything I need, plus a great location close to school, grocery stores and restaurants”. On the other hand, Jade’s comments were bittersweet, “this is our second year living there and the only sad part is having to say goodbye to people we’ve become close friends with”. La Marq is a one-of-a-kind housing experience, offering students everything they could want and more, while creating a welcoming atmosphere for both international and local students. For those looking for a diverse, social, living situation, without the problems of typical student housing, La Marq is the perfect alternative.

This article has been published as part of a sponsorship agreement with La Marq.

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