Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton Features Montreal-Based Artists and Artisans

Painting of Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton featured on one of their prints, by Camilla Picheco. Courtesy of the author.

Inside Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton. Photo by Hannah Murray.

Located in the heart of the Plateau on the corner of rue Duluth and de Bullion, Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton is truly a gem hidden in plain sight. Its quaint turquoise facade and whimsical window displays that change with each season send a warm welcome to those passing by, inviting them in to come explore the shop’s unique selection of products. Founded by Lambert Gratton in 2015, the cozy storefront offers a plethora of locally-sourced goods, including vintage-inspired cookware, condiments and cooking ingredients, candles, gorgeous prints depicting various scenes in Montreal, and more! Whether you’re looking to find some cute gifts for an upcoming celebration, quality cooking supplies, or are just passing by on a walk and looking to browse, Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton is a great local business to check out and support.

Spices, Syrups and Other Cooking Ingredients
If you’re looking to spice up your cooking routine or in the mood for some groovy treats, Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton is definitely the place to go! The store offers an array of flavored syrups, spices and salts, candies, and more. Almost all of the ingredients and food items offered are sourced from locally-based producers around Quebec and the Montreal area. Some of their most unique items include pine needle syrup, a collection of instant hot chocolate packets coming in multiple flavors, and vintage candies inspired by the 1950s and 1960s. Additionally, the store has a substantial collection of spreads and maple-based products, including maple syrup, cookies, butter, jams and more. If you’re lucky, you might even find some freshly-baked goods! Le Magasin Général is definitely a great place to check out if you’re in search of more niche cooking supplies and ingredients, and even some delicious treats that you likely won’t be able to find at any other typical grocery store. 

Jewelry and Accessories
As an avid jewelry collector and accessory-lover myself, I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to my collection. Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton has an amazing selection of jewelry and other small accessories that would be a great addition to anyone’s closet. In particular, the store offers beautifully crafted silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets, many of which incorporate locally-sourced stones into their designs. Le Magasin Général also has an array of tote bags to choose from, each featuring a distinct design created by Montreal-based artists located around the city. If you find yourself venturing towards the back of the store, a table stacked with hand-knitted mittens, slippers, and socks will greet you – a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe! So, if you’re looking for new and unique accessories to add to your closet, Le Magasin Général is the place to go! 

Vintage-Inspired Cookware and Glassware
Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton offers an amazing selection of vintage-inspired cookware, specifically boasting an assortment of handcrafted glassware. From adorable jewelry trays to cake stands etched with fine details, you can definitely find some cool pieces to bring back home and decorate with or add to your kitchen supply. Towards the back of the store, multi-colored glass pitchers, bowls, trays, candle holders, and cooking stands line the shelves. In the middle of the store, you can find ceramic baking dishes, mini-fondue pots, and various other kitchen utensils, all crafted with attention to detail. 

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good candle – and Le Magasin Général definitely has a great selection of candles to choose from. Including local brands such as Dot & Lil and Les Citadines, to name just two, the store features Montreal-based candle makers. Out of all the candles offered, however, my favorite has to be the beeswax candles. Rich yellow and honey scented, these candles, which come in the shape of pinecones, trees, and spheres as well as in the form of long sticks and in jars, are a great addition to any candle-lovers collection. 

Perhaps the most unique collection featured in the store, Le Magasin Général is home to an array of hand-drawn and painted prints depicting classic scenes from all around Montreal and featuring iconic symbols of the city. Artists such as Tine Modeweg Hansen, Camila Picheco, and Hello L-A are some of the store’s main contributors, each highlighting their own artistic style through their various prints. Prints come in multiple sizes, from small cards to larger posters. Over the past year, I’ve collected many of the prints from Le Magasin Général, decorating the walls of my apartment with them and incorporating new designs as they are released by the store’s artists. Whether you’re looking for some art to fill the walls of your home, the perfect card for a celebration, or just a small token of Montreal, the print collection at Le Magasin Général is definitely a great option! Rumor has it some new designs featuring the McGill campus might even be coming out soon… 

If you ever find yourself walking down Duluth and in the mood to check out an amazing locally-owned small business, make sure to stop at Le Magasin Général Lambert Gratton! The store’s cozy atmosphere, kind staff, and unique products are sure to bring a smile to anyone!

4051 rue de Bullion, Montreal, QC, H2W 2E6



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