“Looking to purchase astronaut apparel”


Along with “Spotted McGill” and “Things McGill Students Don’t Say”, the “Free & for Sale” Facebook page is surely one of McGill students’ daily scroll. This page is a working online marketplace for anything and everything that students are either looking for or dying to get rid of.  As you scroll down the page, an unusual combination of items and requests catch your eye. “Free & for Sale” is used to sell anything from a brand new smartphone ($200) and HABS tickets ($160), to even “used Smuckers decorating syrup” (Free).  One comical exchange started with a student “looking to buy a satchel bag, like in indiana jones” when another student responded with a picture depicting the chubby Hangover star, Zach Galifianakis, sporting a stylish leather satchel, casually slung over his infamous “wolf pack” t-shirt.

With 7,595 members and counting, “Free & for Sale” has taken off and new offers pop up every day. It has even expanded to a separate apartment and housing group that specializes in student housing requests. Every McGill student knows that getting a ride to IKEA is as rare as getting an A on a midterm, and almost as important. Why not check out “Free & for Sale” for some cheap IKEA furniture? This site makes it much easier to get that modern, four-drawer desk you’ve been eyeing all while avoiding a costly ride out to the store and simultaneously supporting a fellow student.

“Free & for Sale” showcases how McGill students are environmentally conscious and resourceful. Not only is it easier and cheaper to get that new (to you) wool scarf but you’re also helping the environment by choosing to buy second-hand. There are some great finds like Bobbi Brown eye shadow for ten dollars each or an unused Urban Decay Naked Flushes palette for only twenty dollars. Makeup, gently used clothes, and jewellery are all popular products on the site, but you can also find some more original postings. Here is a list of the top ten most curious posts on ““Free & for Sale””.

Top Ten Most Curious Posts on ““Free & for Sale””

10. A white foam finger
9. “Searching for a Pentalobe Screwdriver”
8. “Looking for a grocery cart to purchase”
7. For sale: “Quacking duck bill toy”
6. To purchase: “Astronaut Apparel”
5. “looking to buy or borrow a toy seal (the cuter the better)”
4. To purchase: “Butter Salt”
3. “Still looking for a tambourine”
2. Piggy Back services offered to transport you across campus
1. “Looking for a wooden log to rent or buy” (one student replied: “I wood but I need it for later”)

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