Your November McGill-O-Scopes

Behold! Your futures are officially predicted with these McGill specific November Horoscopes. I’ve looked into my crystal ball (the internet) to ensure that you know your grade on that kind of hard midterm you took last week for your proclaimed “bird course”, and so much more.. Enjoy learning about what this month has in store for you!

Disclaimer: The following horoscopes are Sun horoscopes, these are a simplified version of astrology that only considers the position of the Sun at birth.

Scorpio – The Sun continues to move through your solar first house. This means that you are truly feeling your strongest right now! Your self-confidence, energy and vitality is evident and is being expressed through your positive nature, which let’s be honest, is a rarity for most students. You are seriously ready to conquer anything that is thrown your way, even the smokers outside McLennan, who insist standing next to the “No Smoking”, sign are not as bold as you. You are decisive and ready to make some positive changes. Things are looking up so much, you may even take the time to learn how properly take out a library book this month!

Capricorn – The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar eleventh house. This month you will be thinking about your future. You will embrace the benefits of networking and become confident with your plans, such as acquiring a summer internship that almost fits your field of study, but not quiet. This will be a time for reflecting on how you used to conduct yourself and your business, you will want to make integral changes to your routine and way of life. These changes could consist of networking with the Bronfman sharks, refusing to wait in the Quesada line one more time, and deciding to strictly refer to Susan Fortier as “Big Suze,” because that is just the way you roll now. As these life changes, could be a result of your new connections, make sure to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your newfound Desautels lifestyle. Even though their frat claims to be for “networking” purposes, make sure you don’t become a stereotype. As they say in France, liberté, égalité, and make that monéy.

Sagittarius – The Sun continues to shine its light on your solar twelfth house. This is a time to light a candle and take an afternoon off from your hectic routine. Go easy on yourself, as this month you will be inclined to reflect on your past year. Perhaps you will end up counting the number of samosas you ingested that one week in September, the amount of times you fell asleep in McLennan after your 8:30 class, or how many occasions, as an arts student, you chose any other building than the depths of Bronfman to post-up in. Reflecting on those past choices could take a toll on your physical energy, so make sure to focus on your present commitments before taking on anything more. Unlike the constant construction at McGill, you don’t want to leave anything in your life lingering or unfinished!

Aquarius – The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar tenth house. Meaning, you will find satisfaction and fulfillment in doing your personal best. Whether this is a passing mark on you Greek Mythology midterm that you refused to study for because the class is “clearly just a story”,  or deciding not to have pasta for the 5th night in a row, you are truly living your best life. You are so clearly doing amazing in all aspects of your life (no joke) thus you are inclined to receive praise from unexpected sources, maybe your mom will end up loving that new stick and poke tattoo.

Pisces – The sun continues to shine its light on your solar ninth house now. You are trying to broaden your horizons. This could manifest in various ways, such as venturing North of Pins on the 80 to see what all the fuss with those St. Viateur bagels are about. You will be introspective and attempt to look at life through a different lens, this could be choosing pizza over 2chow and perhaps, the next day, you will push yourself to work out on the main floor of the gym instead retreating to the safe-haven that is the free-weight section. Either way, you are developing your mind and you are open and subject to some positive changes!

Aries – The Sun continues to highlight your solar eighth house. Meaning, you will begin hitting the books again as Halloweekend and Hype week are in the rearview mirror. You will become insular and keep to your good friends, as the first few months of school socialization are wearing off. There will be a personal transformation in store for you this month, perhaps you will come to terms with Tokyo being a better city than it is a nightclub and accept it’s  “just not cutting it for you anymore.” You’ve drained your parents’ money by excessively partying and buying Première Moisson coffee to remedy your procrastination turned into late-night study habits last month, so expect money contentions. This month you are settling down and attempting to relinquish your introspective side, without, of course, thinking too deeply as to warrant you taking on a Socialist label while owning a MacBook Pro.

Taurus – The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar seventh house – your partnership sector. You will be reminded of your close relationships; these are the friendships you will be able to maintain while attempting to sustain your GPA,  hidden away in McLennan and shivering in your multiple layers. This will not be a time to push your relationships to suit any personal agendas, as you will need these friends by your side to stay sane in the midst of the November blues. Your friends will help you maintain the coveted “balance” in your life,  we all know how hard that is to achieve. It is time to get rid of that one dude you met during Frosh on Snapchat who exclusively displays their Thursday night excursions while you are finishing your readings for your Friday morning conference. Your energy this month will be focused on avoiding awkward ex-Rez acquaintances and investing your time into the people who invest their time into you!

Gemini – The Sun continues to spotlight your solar sixth house. Balance is going to be hard to maintain this month! A trait you encompass – that let’s be honest, is relevant to every McGill student –  is that your ego is tied to the quality of work you produce. Wow! Who knew!? You will also feel the need for control this month. This could either manifest itself into a personal Hype week-like bender that you justify as a mid-semester crisis, or your need for control could be more “healthily” relinquished as 13 hour McLennan days for a week straight. Yes, extremity is your middle name, but at McGill, whose isn’t? You are a perfectionist and feel that whatever you do, no matter how destructive, it must be thoroughly and effectively done. You are the quintessential McGill student, congrats! Make sure to go easy on yourself, as balance is the key word in any student’s life, no matter how truly irrelevant the concept may be to you.

Cancer – The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar fifth house. This means that you are ready to have fun! While everyone else is curled up in campus’ various libraries , you are game to go out on a Monday night. You are prioritizing what makes you happy, as you may have a lull in school work and can make time for yourself. Perhaps the artsy-internet subculture at McGill is inspiring you to explore with cuffing your pant legs, or they are enticing you to experiment with a music event that you are not naturally predisposed to. Either way, you are exploring and creating and have the time to commit yourself to these endeavours, so congratulations, you must have amazing time management skills and really have your life together!

Leo – The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar fourth house. You will be questioning past decisions, such as: Why did I go to Café Campus on Tuesday, I’m in third year. Truthfully, this month will be hitting you hard and fast. The weather is going to make you want to stay home, cozy up with your roommates, and make them, literally, your only friends. You are actively trying to make yourself unaware of issues like campus politics, because you are just “over it,” and rightfully so, amiright?! This month is about self-care and reflection, so please, a Mme Lee’s Thursday is no better than a Tokyo Thursday.

Virgo – The Sun continues to highlight your solar third house. Meaning that you are a busy, busy social butterfly! From starting your summer internship applications and grinding that post-midterm catch-up, to HAVING to make an appearance at BDA because the construction is FINALLY over – you have not had one moment to even visit Vinh’s and inhale a sandwich with that old friend from Rez. Even though this period is busy, you are on top of your work and are more proud and confident with what you are producing now more than ever. You are mastering that balancing thing that, as well all know, is so allusive and almost impossible to grasp. But hey, you did it! With all the connection building and networking you are doing for your future-self (because you obviously need to secure that dream job, like, now) make sure to set aside time for self care and grab one of those great sandwiches with that old friend (or maybe splurge on a soup, because you deserve it!).

Libra – The Sun continues to transit your solar second house. Money is of major value for you this month, and hey, we’re students, so, we have none of that. You are being drawn to material items that give you a sense of comfort and luxury. So, as money may be tight, make sure to not J-walk anywhere in the ghetto, I mean, the Milton-Parc community, as a ticket from the SPVM is the last thing you need. Finding comfort with your purchases is your main priority right now, but let’s be real you do not need that $6.45 avocado toast from Dispatch, just make it at home! Instead of spending your hard-earned summer waitressing job’s cash on superficial and drainable items.



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