Out with the New, in with the Old


Ever catch yourself staring at your closet and guiltily wondering if you need a new:

a.) Cardigan?
b.) Punny t-shirt?
c.) Ugly grandpa sweater?
d.) Pair of trousers?
e.) Onesie?
f.) Last minute costume?
g.) All of the above?

Instead of facing constant frustration over the fact that you have nothing to wear, here’s a cheap alternative: why not take Macklemore’s advice and hit the thrift shops? Even if you aren’t a shopaholic, thrift stores offer a vast collection of miscellaneous items you never knew you wanted!

By utilizing thrift shops, you are actively supporting sustainability and thoroughly exploring the fashion realm, whilst enjoying the thrill of the hunt. Montreal’s the perfect place to start thrifting. Don’t know where to start? Here is a list of four well-known thrift shops around the city to help you on your newfound quest for distinctive, eco-friendly fashion.

Eva B

This incredibly distinctive store near the corner of St. Laurent and Ontario will have your fashion senses tingling to the max. The staff has as equally kitschy a vibe as Eva B itself, offering you lemonade, tea, or hot chocolate upon entering. This fully stocked thrift shop is equipped with a beat-down (but still playable!) piano, old theatre seats, and samosas for sale. The ambiance of the store will keep you browsing their aisles upon aisles of clothing for hours. You won’t be disappointed with their high quality, cheap prices, and huge selection of costumes for rent. The only downside is that it might take a while to browse through the entire store (read: all day). Oh, and did I mention their infamous, two story high, pit of $1 clothing?


A popular destination for the city’s vintage shoppers, Friperie is a dandy store that you’ll be sure to find something to fall in love with. Friperie takes much pride in its stock of mint condition vintage clothing, so most everything you find will be in tip-top shape. Of course, quality comes with a price, no matter what decade it’s from, which is the boutique’s only slight downfall. Nonetheless, packed with options, Friperie is a great place to visit. Hopefully you’ll stumble in and find that Pulp Fiction inspired outfit you’ve always dreamed of. It’s also perfect for gift shopping, if you’re looking for some old memorabilia for that sports or music fanatic friend of yours.

Kitsch n’ Swell

Didn’t find what you were looking for at Friperie? That’s all right, stop by Kitsch n’ Swell right next door! A mirage of art and colours, the store itself will grab your attention. Animatedly lit by an assortment of lamps and filled with exotic décor, Kitsch n’ Swell is less a store than it is a stylish friend’s apartment. Products wise, you will catch yourself asking way too many times “Do I really need this”? Just say yes. A mug shaped like a tree trunk with a squirrel perching on the handle? Yes. A shirt embroidered with little ducks? Yes. After all, your stressed McGill soul deserves some glints of happiness, doesn’t it?

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is a very established, 100 percent sustainable clothing, shoes, and furniture store. They strictly focus on re-selling brand and designer clothing (Christian Louboutin, Armani, Francois Beauregard, Ralph Lauren etc.), so the goods are a bit on the pricey side, but rarely over $100 even for such high-end names. Everything is mint condition, as they do immediate repairs and touch ups to any products if necessary. They also have the occasional rock n’ roll memorabilia (such as a 1989 Rolling stones Urban Jungle tour T shirt), and receive new shipments every day. Containing simple, classy, elegant, and vintage style, Lost & Found has us screaming, “I love vintage!”

Eva B: 2015 St. Laurent. Blvd
Friperie: 3976 St. Laurent Blvd
Kitsch n’ Swell: 3972 St. Laurent Blvd
Lost & Found: 5319 Parc Avenue

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