New (School) Year Resolutions

Happy New Year Bronfmanites! Now, I know you all have set your New Year’s Resolutions, whether it be shedding some poundage at the gym or following up on that diet you have been intending to start since January of last year. As far as students are concerned, the New Year starts in September. But halfway through the semester, I realised that January 7, 2013 could be another new beginning. As far as McGill is concerned, I gave 100% in every class. It’s a fresh start, ladies and gentleman. Going forward, I figured I would set up a few new semester goals of my own. Feel free to copy.

Wean down my Starbucks addiction:
Yes, it has been said that Starbucks can burn some major holes in your so-called “college budget.” So, after my holiday gift cards run out, I am going to be toning down my gourmet coffee intake. But let’s be reasonable here, I need my coffee. What I propose is a step-by-step plan. I will slowly break my addiction as I move down the ranks from Starbucks, to Second Cup, to Tim Horton’s, and finally to the $1 Subway & McDonald’s variety.

Be Efficient:
A new year means a new agenda. This semester I took my time and picked out a lovely McGill crested agenda book, and I would like to believe that it will make me more organized, on time, and ready to go. As internship & case competition season starts, my goal is to be regular, on time, and on the ball.

Create More “Me Time”:
With all that extra time my agenda is going to make for me, I have great plans to catch up on my missed TV episodes, go to the gym, read, and live life outside of school. For all of you other out-of-the-loopers, new seasons of New Girl, Mad Men, Girls, Californication, House of Lies, Community and more are coming up. I know it sounds lazy, but TV really helps me rejuvenate, veg out and have time to myself.

Just Apply For It:
There are so many fantastic events coming up at McGill and within Bronfman this winter season. My motto this semester is going to be, “Just Apply For It.” For those of you who like to ignore MUS mass e-mails, Career Services e-mails, and whatever other Facebook event invites you have floating around in the cyber abyss, maybe you should consider paying a bit more attention. Deadlines for exchange, EMC, DMLS, Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability, Ace the Case and so many more are coming up. You have CVs and cover letters written anyway. Honestly, just apply for it!

Do Not Let The Weather Get In My Way:
Even though Jack Frost has been nipping at my nose these past few days, I refuse to let him get in the way of my own Winter Wonderland. Now I am no Quebecer in my abilities to bear the cold, but I look forward to ice-skating, Igloofest, Snow Jam, mulled wine, and “grown up” hot cocoa spiked with Baileys. Last winter I used the snow as an excuse to stay in, but 2013 will be different.

Make A Point To Do Something Cultural Monthly:
Rumour has it there is a world outside of the McGill Ghetto and Bronfman High. I only have 1 year left in Montreal, and I plan on making the most of it. Montreal has so many festivals, cultural activities, and if anyone knows how to keep a city alive in the winter, it’s Montreal. Upcoming in the near few weeks is Nuit Blanche, Igloofest, The Clark Collection at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Montreal, Snow Village and Montréal en Lumière.

Good luck this semester, McGill! My key takeaway from last semester was to forbid academics from ruling my life. I am not going to stop doing my homework any time soon, but rumor has it that there is more to a resume than your GPA, and more to your life than school. Crazy!

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Bull & Bear.

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