You Can't Spell Valentine Without an 'I'

February 14th. For some it’s one of the greatest days of the year – receiving flowers, getting yummy sweets and chocolates, and spending time with the one you love. For others, it’s a day on the couch, eating rocky road ice cream, watching the Vampire Diaries, and wishing for that special someone to come into their life. And as bad as that might sound, they’re still better off than the last group of people: those who associate February 14th with the day before their Cost Accounting Midterm (yikes!).

If you belong to the second group of singles, there is an alternative to spending the night cradling a tub or ten of Ben and Jerry’s. We at The Bull & Bear have categorized five alternate ways for you to celebrate Singles Awareness Day, depending on whether you’re smooth, sassy, silly, sluggish, or smart.

Single and Smooth
If you’re the smooth, cool girl type then this is your section. Make this day all about YOU! Remember that book that you still haven’t finished reading (and no, we don’t mean textbook)? Take the time to finally read that last chapter! Are you into taking a day off and just letting your mind rest? Then pamper yourself, and go get a relaxing massage. If exercising gets your adrenaline flowing, hit up the gym for a bit. Although you may not be getting candy hearts, you’ll be gifted with a ton of eye candy, and that’s a great tradeoff. Who doesn’t like seeing guys work out? Plus, you won’t really care how sweaty and messed up your hair will be, because ultimately you’re going there for yourself.

Single and Silly
If you’re the fun and adventurous girl, then this section is for you. Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before, or rarely get to do because of your packed schedule. Take this free day as an opportunity to do something really fun and silly outside of Bronfman. How about going to a Zumba class with some friends? You’ll be doing way more laughing than dancing, but it’s a great way to let loose and spend quality time with your friends. Bonus challenge: tape yourselves during the Zumba class. We guarantee that it’ll be hilarious watching it afterwards. In fact, why not relive the old high school days and have a sleepover at your place? Do all the things you would’ve done back when you were 14: play truth or dare, do each other’s nails, watch a movie (or your tape from Zumba) and of course, dance around your room after you’re all dressed up in silly clothes. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” might be particularly fitting for this occasion.

Single and Sassy
If you’re the type of girl that uses the phrase “Single and ready to mingle”, then this is where you should direct your attention. For you, this day is a blessing in disguise, it’s your chance to meet new people and just have fun! If you love indulging yourself, then spend your morning getting a mani-pedi for absolutely no reason. While you’re at it, why not get your hair done as well? In the afternoon spend your time shopping (window shopping counts too), and try to find something fabulous to wear for later that night. Most clubs will probably be full of other singles, since most couples will opt to dine out at an expensive restaurant, so it could be a great opportunity to meet someone new or to dance the night away with good friends, as well as new friends you may make at the club that night.

Single and Sluggish
If you’re the easy going, “I never want to leave my house” kind of girl, then read on, my friend. Being single on this day is the greatest thing that could ever happen to you! Not only does it mean that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, but you don’t need to get out of your pajamas, put on make up, wear heels, get a gift (or pretend to like the gift you received), or do anything at all. If there were a soundtrack to your life, it would be Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”. Enjoy being comfortable on this day; sleep in and order in (and since it’s just you, you can order messy finger food – no need to be elegant).

Single and Smart
If you don’t identify with any of the above, then maybe you’re the smart girl. With midterms just around the corner (dum dum DUM!), it’s not a bad idea to take this time to hit the books and catch up on all your missed readings! Cupid might’ve given you an F in love, but you can offset that by getting straight A’s in school. But, we go to McGill, so most of us will settle for two As, an A-, and some Bs.

No matter what type of girl you are, make sure to have fun and make this day memorable (for the right reasons). Happy Valentine’s Day!

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