SSMU Elections 2018: Cheat Sheet

Photo: David Diao

With the SSMU campaign season upon us, here is a brief overview of the upcoming election positions.

The SSMU Executive campaigning period begins on Monday, March 12 at 9am and concludes on Wednesday, March 21 at 3pm. Polling will begin at 9am on March 19 and will conclude at 3pm on March 21. The election results will be announced at 5pm on March 21.

This year’s SSMU election will differ from those of previous years, as the Student’s Society has decided to eliminate the VP Operations portfolio. In a statement to the Bull & Bear, the Chief Electoral Officer explained that the responsibilities of the VP Operations portfolio have been delegated to the rest of the SSMU executive body.


The President of the SSMU is the chief executive of the Students’ Society. It is a dynamic role, tasked with representing the student body in the university legislature and being its primary spokesperson. The President must assist the other executives in their respective portfolios. The President also sits in on many committees, including the Board of Directors of SSMU, the Executive Committee, and the Human Resources Committee.

The candidates are Corrine Bulger and Tre Mansdoerfer.

Vice President External

The Vice President External acts as a liaison between the Students’ Society, community organizations and student groups. The role extends to municipal government organizations, including that of the Milton-Parc community. Responsibilities also include mobilizing campus political initiatives, as well as organizing and facilitating events. The Vice President External sits on various committees, including the Indigenous Affairs Committee, the Community Engagement Committee, and the Francophone Affairs Committee.

The sole candidate for the position is Marina Cupido.

Vice President University Affairs

The Vice President University Affairs is responsible for student advocacy on campus by representing the interests of the student body at the Senate. This position is additionally responsible for spearheading campus equity initiatives and registering student’s complaints and concerns. The Vice President of University Affairs sits on the University Affairs Committee, the Equity Committee, and the Library Improvement Committee, among others.

Jacob Shapiro is running for the position.

Vice President Internal

The primary responsibility of the Vice President Internal is to foster a sense of community among the student body. Tasked with planning large-scale events, including 4Floors and Frosh, the Vice President Internal must ensure events’ inclusivity and accessibility, coordinate with various event planning committees, and communicate with the SSMU executive and the larger McGill Community. The Vice President Internal sits on the Interfaculty Committee, the Students’ Society Programming Network (SSPN), and the First Year Undergraduate Network (FUN) among others.

Matthew McLaughlin is running unopposed for Vice President Internal.

Vice President Finance

The responsibilities of the Vice President Finance include preparing SSMU’s annual budget and ensuring the long-term management and administration of the Students’ Society. The Vice President Finance is also charged with managing human resources, completing human resource compliance assessments, and overseeing the Students’ Society’s insurance plan. The Vice President Finance sits on many committees including the Funding Committee and the Financial Ethics Research Committee (FERC).

Jun Wang is the candidate for Vice President Finance. Samuel Cordano withdrew his candidacy on March 11.

Vice President Student Life

The Vice President Student Life acts as a liaison between the Students’ Society and the various clubs and organizations on campus. This role involves significant collaboration with McGill Student Services, including mental health and counselling. It also involves addressing issues and concerns with McGill student life. The Vice President Student Life sits on the Club Committee and various mental wellness committees, including the Mental Health Committee (Outreach and Advocacy) and the Mental Health Round Table Caucus.

Cody Esterle is the sole candidate for the position of Vice President Student Life.

Please note that The Bull & Bear does not endorse candidates running for SSMU executive positions.  

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