SSMU Legislative Council Ratifies Report on Possible Nutrition Accessibility Service and Discusses Mental Health on Campus

SSMU’s Legislative Council held its second-to-last meeting for the Winter 2023 term this past Thursday, March 9. After delaying the start time by almost an hour, the Council began with a few presentations and announcements by the Medical Students Society, the Mental Health Committee, and the First Year Council. Members of the Council also reminded attendees that SSMU Executive elections are happening next week and encouraged the entire student body to place their votes.

Although many Executive reports were postponed for a future meeting, some highlights included the opening of a new VP of Operations and Sustainability position and recaps of successful events held during the month of February.


Mental Health on Campus

A major topic discussed was the termination of McGill’s contract with myWellness. myWellness was an online platform designed to help McGill students find and navigate mental health services online. This service has been canceled due to a breach of contract. The Mental Health Committee is currently brainstorming potential replacements.

Additionally, SSMU’s Mental Health Committee presented a notice of motion regarding a new 3-year plan (2023-2026) to replace the existing Mental Health Services plan that expires this year. The Council will vote on it during the next Legislative Council scheduled next month.


Student Nutrition Accessibility Club

The Student Nutrition Accessibility Club (SNAC) is looking to become a McGill service. They offer affordable produce boxes to McGill students by partnering with Marché SecondLife. By becoming a McGill service, they wish to consistently offer free boxes of produce to students facing food insecurity while also maintaining their current option for the purchase of these boxes.

The report was ratified by the Legislative Council after extensive questions and debates. This ratification means SNAC is one step closer to becoming a service that will hopefully help many McGill students fight food insecurity and rising prices. 


Motions and Notices of Motions

Five motions were discussed during the Council meeting, of which three were unanimously approved, including a motion to amend the internal regulation student groups must abide by. Various notices of motions were presented, including one that addresses racist surveillance and doxing within the McGill community. This project has been being developed since last year.

Notably, another notice of motion regarding a new food security policy was also presented. This project consulted with Let’s Eat McGill, a new student organization looking to make food on campus more affordable by advocating for student-run cafes, subsidized on-campus grocery stores, and a decrease in cafeteria prices. Food security has been a recurring topic in student politics this semester, with numerous students speaking up about the unaffordable prices found on campus.


The Legislative Council will hold its next – and final – meeting for this school year on Thursday, April 6 at 6pm.

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