The Super Bowl’s Tech Superstar

"A PixMob Show", Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed a jaw-dropping halftime show during the Super Bowl, there was indeed a company shining bright alongside them, PixMob. PixMob is a Montreal-founded and based company, which specializes in concert, events, and lighting experiences. The company brands themselves as “inspired by gatherings like the annual Burning Man,” and this almost-psychedelic inspiration is evident when watching their shows. 

The company brands themselves as “inspired by gatherings like the annual Burning Man…”

PixMob specializes in a unique system of interconnected LED wristbands which the audience wears, that essentially functions as individually moving “pixels”. This subsequently allows images to be projected onto the audience, which is exactly what created the incredible backdrop to an unforgettable halftime show. The self-developed recycled wristbands were given to the 65,000 fans in attendance and the bracelets interfaced using infrared (just like a TV remote) to seamlessly integrate the effect without any audience contribution. The end result was a magnificent yet subtle display of special lighting effects, which perfectly complemented the dazzling performances during the halftime show. 

 The company attempts to create a unique connection between the audience and the performer, and explains how they believe that the audience is participating in an “ephemeral shared experience” when attending an event lit by PixMob. The goal of turning a passive viewing into a participatory event is precisely one of the reasons they have grown to be so successful, and have completed over 1000 shows in the past seven years they have operated.

They believe that the audience is participating in an “ephemeral shared experience”

In addition to the technical feats which PixMob has achieved they have also been strong proponents of more responsible environmental practices. Not only are their bracelets made from recycled plastic, but they also have a recycling program where bracelets can be returned to be refurbished and reused. The company has even won the LDI 2019 Sustainability award for their efforts in maintaining their carbon footprint and they continue to work towards even stronger goals of sustainability. This makes working with PixMob a highly desirable option from a business-to-business perspective, which may also be a significant factor behind their success and recent recognition for the Super Bowl. 

While PixMob may not have been the biggest name presented to the crowd on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, they definitely left their mark. The contribution is undoubtedly an important achievement for the company, which can hope to continue to integrate Montreal’s fast-paced technology scene with globally recognized entertainment events. 

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