This Week’s Desautels National Women in Business Conference – The Next Wave

Image Courtesy of Desautels Women in Business, at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management

As the school year starts to ramp up and midterms approach, we normally get ready to buckle down and enter our “do-not-disturb” bubbles to get through the hard times. This is much easier now, as we seem to have all been forced inside by the pandemic. However, as young adults, we are also getting ready to join a society outside the confines of our school campuses. For anyone studying management, it becomes all the more important to keep up with the shifting business landscape, understanding the changing prominence of certain industries, as well as how to adapt to those changes once you embark on your career. 

Desautels Women in Business is hosting its 8th Annual Desautels National Women in Business Conference this week, starting on February 1st and wrapping up on the 5th. This conference, entitled “The Next Wave”, has been put together to bring women from across the business landscape to share their experiences and insight, with the ultimate goal of preparing women with a passion for business for the challenges that await them. 

There are three key events that will take place throughout the conference. The first event is a keynote speech given by Catharine Dockery, the founder of Vice Ventures. Vice Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm, whose primary goal is to invest in good, promising companies that operate in industries that have historically been considered “bad”, or “unwanted”. Dockery earned a spot in Forbes 30 under 30 last year for her influential work as a female business leader, innovating the way that investors should approach potential investment opportunities, regardless of the stigma surrounding that industry. 

The second event is a branding event led by Farryn Weiner, founder and CEO of the marketing agency Farrynheight. Through her experience guiding start-ups through brand-identity exercises and brand launches, she brings a unique, new-age perspective to branding that management students can learn from. Even if you are not interested in marketing or branding, developing a personal brand is a very important aspect of life in business that every management student should look to do early on. 

The third and final event of the conference is a recruitment/networking social. Students will have the opportunity to engage with various employers at the event, who will be talking about the various initiatives and opportunities available for women within their companies. Networking is a key aspect to taking the jump from student life to a career, which this portion of the conference seems to pay special attention to. Regardless of what you study, networking is always a fantastic opportunity.  

If any of this has piqued your interest, you can visit the Facebook event page for The Next Wave, hosted by DWIB, to register for the various events taking place throughout the week. This conference provides a unique opportunity for female management students to learn about the business landscape and personal branding, as well as a networking social that comes at a great time for those that are going through the recruitment process for summer 2021. Therefore, don’t forget to register, and grab hold of the opportunity by taking part in the 8th Annual Desautels National Women in Business Conference – The Next Wave.

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