Under the Radar: 6 New Releases You May Have Missed in October 2019

Photo by Andrew A. Smith

Last October was packed with new releases from big names in music, including Frank Ocean’s single “DHL”, Kanye West’s long-awaited album Jesus is King, Rex Orange County’s Pony, and many other notable performers in the industry. You may have listened to some of these icons’ releases, but have you been paying attention to up-and-coming artists and the music they have been putting out? Here are six October 2019 releases from artists on the rise that you need to hear!

Porches – “rangerover”

As leaves continue to fall from trees, and the reality of snow creeps closer every day, Porches — the solo project of New York-based musician Aaron Maine — graciously gifted us with a much-needed throwback to summer with his latest single “rangerover.” With his first release since January 2018, Maine continues to explore his synth-pop sound by pitching up his vocals, and making use of a gated reverb snare to give the track a nostalgic 80s feel. In a pleasant addition, the single also features back-up vocals from Devonté  Hynes — commonly known by his stage name Blood Orange — a long-time collaborator and friend of Maine’s. With its catchy pop-beat and simple, summer love lyrics, “rangerover” is happily reminiscent of driving in July, going over the speed limit, and enjoying life to the fullest!

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Good Morning – “Garden”

To nobody’s surprise, “Garden” has already become another feel-good classic for the two-piece band Good Morning. Once again, the Melbourne-based duo, composed of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, deliver charmingly simple melodies, pitted against a catchy guitar riff that will make you want to dance. The song initially came out as a single in August, 2019, but was re-released on the duo’s fourth album, Basketball Breakups, which debuted on October 4th, 2019. On the album, the track is accompanied by an additional seven songs, which completes the cheery sound it portrays and elevates its unique character in  a larger group of work. With lyrics that remind us that the things we long for take time to achieve, “Garden” is the perfect song for when you need a little boost to your day. 

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Benjie Lyndon – “Frequency”

“Frequency” is the debut track of Benjie Lyndon, the recording project of McGill University U2 student Benjie Higgins. This track has a funk-like rhythm accompanied by huge bounce, which will have you nodding your head until it hurts. “Frequency” portrays two sides of love: one that is sunny and optimistic, echoing the feeling of being in harmony with another person, and the other being the disconnect, insecurity, and darkness so often felt within love. “You can’t have one without the other,” Higgins said of his thinking behind the project. Besides Higgins, this single has an abundance of local talent, as it was co-produced by McGill University U2 student Adrian Iraheta and local Montreal musician Bluerose. 

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MorMor – “Won’t Let You” 

MorMor, the stage name of Toronto-born musician Seth Nyquist, is back with another track to get you in your feelings, except this time, he has added a new layer to his psych-pop, falsetto tunes. MorMor uses a wide range of auto-tuned harmonies to back up and highlight his falsetto melody, which is followed by a passion-filled chorus. The harmonies in “Won’t Let You” are extremely evocative of Bon Iver’s “715 – CRΣΣKS,” and capture an incredibly powerful sound that very few artists are able to achieve. If MorMor is not yet on your radar, you need to check him out as soon as possible! He has already been featured on Kendall Jenner’s Summer of ZAZA Apple Music playlist, and is becoming more popular by the day.

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Nilüfer Yanya – “H34T RISES”

In early October, London-based Nilüfer Yanya released the music video “H34T RISES” for her similarly titled song “Heat Rises.” The video adds a layer of artistic creativity and urgency to the already energetic and emotional track, as well as such a large range of warmth through sound, that it is impossible to resist getting lost in. The video is Yanya’s first release since her debut album, Miss Universe, which came out in March 2019. Through her unique voice, raw lyrical expression, and satisfying instrumentation, “H34T RISES” offers a momentary musical escape from whatever sits on your mind. 

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Ant Clemons – “4 Letter Word” 

“4 Letter Word” is by far the most “pop-genre” song out of this month’s selection of new releases, with hints of R&B. This being said, once you make it past the first half of the song, you are rewarded with the most punchy beat. It will instantly make you start moving your body in ways you didn’t know you could before. The track is Ant Clemons’ debut single, and shows off his talented vocal skills as they’re accompanied by some groovy guitar tones. Ant Clemons is still fairly under the radar, but has been featured multiple times on Kanye West’s new album Jesus is King, so he is bound to blow up soon. When it comes to “4 Letter Word,” just make sure you have your bass turned up to max!

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