You Will Live at Work

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you will live at work

the workplace of the future

you will live at work

why ever leave?

why ever leave?

we’re already working crazy hours

anyone in a large corporation can attest to the long hours every week

way beyond the 40 hours mark

why ever leave?

the trend has begun

in the Californian valley

the Google campus

the Facebook campus

the Apple campus

these are not work-places

they are life-places

here is a list of the perks offered on site to google employees:

premium catered meals, yoga classes, day cares, massages, showers, professional counselling, continuing education, bikes, doctor check-ups, nap pods, haircuts

all free

add to that some grocery stores and maybe a bar or two and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice mini-city

(Amazon already bought Whole Foods)

who better than tech companies to solve the efficiency problems of the supermarket?

is there a problem that tech companies cannot undertake?
is there something tech companies cannot do?

jesus is back and his start-up is looking for series b funding

you will live at work

why ever leave?

we’ll offer housing and care for your elderly parents

and your iphone will notify you once a day to either visit or call them

living at work means no commute

no more traffic

your children are already on the premise

no need to drive them to school

you will live at work

not only because it is convenient

but also because it saves time and money

google already has daycares

what is stopping them from making an elementary school

they have access to the smartest people in the world

they have the tools and resources

interactive boards, laptops, open-spaces

love-thy-brother, technology-will-save-the-world

every child gets a tablet

every child gets a voice-activated intelligent assistant

to help them as they toil through the homework

the AI assistant knows your child and will inform the teacher of which areas of study needs to be polished and focused on

no child will ever be “bad at math”

the assistant will detect early signs of learning difficulties

proper help will be administered

by the specialists

by the specialists

you will live at work

because your child needs it

you will live at work

repeat after me

maybe your google home will whisper this sentence as it plays your norah-jones-inspired tailored sleeping playlist

you will live at work

google has got the map to every city in the world

they have enough data points to create the perfect mini-town

the city will be green, energy-efficient, self-sufficient

we’ll grow wheat and barley on the roofs of the buildings

all the houses will have clean, modern and minimal designs

modular multi-functional furniture

nest thermostats

your fridge will tell you what to eat

if ever you hesitate between pasta and quinoa salad

driverless cars will deliver fresh produce to your door

have you eaten your seven fruits and vegetables today?

yes, i have, mr. fridge, thank you

there will be no waste here

trash becomes compost becomes fertilizer

water cleaned water reused

ideas become products become solutions

problems become ideas become value

i can see the Google Tower™

the words already sound real

the idea already smells of breaking grounds and construction hats

you can see it too

the glass, the light, the green spaces

you know about the Tower

you will live in the Tower

you will live at work

the future is bright

no longer flickering like a device in need of new batteries

the future is bright

no longer flickering

the future is a solar-powered device

smaller companies will rent spaces on the campus

they will set headquarters next to the tech gods

the city will grow

proximity will engender cross-pollination

economies of scale

worker bees exchanging ideas over free hibiscus teas

start-ups will bloom all over town

you’ll see them from the window of your apartment

more and more people will come

they’ll want to see what the hype is about

you’ll stand at the gates and welcome them

grab a couple bikes and show them around

as you hold their hand and meander through the garden

you will say

you will live at work

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