With OurCourses, Romance Lives On

Earlier today, McGill’s IT Services announced that beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, MyCourses will add an innovative new feature on its site: a match-making application called “OurCourses.” The app will be funded by a non-opt-outable fee of $0.69 per student.

The design for OurCourses is similar to other well-known dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. Users can “pin” the students they’re interested in, and if they pin back, it’s a match! Each individual profile will contain a document called a “syllabus” – an overview including the individual’s name, year, program, interests, and a disclaimer that in accord with McGill University’s Charter of Students’ Rights, students have the right to message in English or in French.

OurCourses will also feature a review section, where former matches can leave helpful reviews for prospective matches, much like the ever-popular Rate My Prof website. Unlike Rate My Prof, however, OurCourses has resolved to ban all professors from the platform, forcing them to flirt in-class or via grading schemes only.

Although the basic version will be made accessible to all students, students can pay to upgrade to a premium version called InterCourses, which allows users to filter their prospect pool through additional factors such as CGPA and astrology sign. In partnership with the McGill clinic, InterCourse members will get priority for STI screenings in the first month of the semester.

Said McGill’s IT Services Desk, “We’ve always leaned into student culture, launching initiatives such as our Data Privacy Meme Contest. With OurCourses, we’re tapping into a completely under-served student need: opportunities to fuck.”

Both the free and premium versions will include special promotions throughout the year. During the first two weeks of each semester, an “add/drop” period will encourage no-strings-attached commitments by rewarding students who amass a high number of matches with a two-week free subscription to InterCourses.

The Bull & Bear sat down with some students who have used the trial version of the app to get their insights.


Ben and Anna

“The review component was especially helpful,” admitted Ben. “I spent more time researching reviews than I spend doing research for my papers!” Ben and Anna are both InterCourses users and specifically filtered for people with a CGPA in the academic probation range. “It was really important for me to be with someone who is on my level, like, intellectually,” said Anna.

The two messaged back and forth on InterCourses for a full week before their first date. “She lives really far from campus,” said Ben with a chuckle, “and I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to find her apartment. It’s on – ugh, I forget the street name… something-Famille.”

The two agree that InterCourses made their time on MyCourses extra intimate, and appreciated the expediency offered by the premium version. “I’m just glad we skipped that stage of like, getting to know each other bullshit, you know?,” giggled Anna. “We both like to cut to the chase,” said Ben. “What’s the point of knowing each other’s birthdays, or interests, or last names? With InterCourses, we both get to know what the other person really needs.” The two are both Geminis.


Sophie and Gibran

“We would have never met without this app”, said Sophie, who currently lives on the same floor of New Rez as Gibran. “And it’s better than Tinder or Bumble, since it’s only for students,” added Gibran. “It’s comforting to know your partner is as over-worked and under-slept as you are , and it really helps build a healthy relationship.” ”Misery loves company!” added Sophie, sobbing slightly.

The two had their first date in the sit-down area of Premiere Moisson, because apparently some people think that’s a good place for first impressions. “I had the cajun chicken sandwich” recalled Gibran, “and she got an opera.” Sophie added, “Neither of us were  satisfied with our food, but it served as a great conversation starter. Had the cafe been a Tim Hortons, as many selfish students advocate for, we probably wouldn’t be here today.”


Justin and Xavier

“I don’t really believe in fate. It’s all about making your own destiny,” said Justin of his relationship with Xavier. The two U3 students found each other on OurCourses after sharing a class in Leacock 132. “I didn’t think anybody in my year would be taking Natty D’s,” said Justin, referring to the popular Natural Disasters course, “but I guess we both realized at the latest possible time that we needed to raise our GPAs for any chance at grad school!”

Justin said he caught a glimpse of Xavier across the room and knew there was something special. Instead of letting him get lost in the literal sea of people, Justin determinedly swiped through all 553 profiles on OurCourses – sifting through endless spam accounts, bots, and Zeta Psi brothers – until he found him again. Xavier said, “I love his perseverance.”

Justin added, “When I saw that orange dot next to the bell and his name and McGill Student ID picture on my homepage, my heart nearly stopped.”


Jen and Jill

Both 4.0 students in their respective programs, Jen and Jill bonded over living on the 5th floor of McLennan and crying themselves to sleep. “It was really important for me to find someone with the same hobbies as me, like making flashcards,” according to Jill. They both agree they would never have met without OurCourses, considering that neither of them spend time anywhere except for classes and the library.

The two had an amicable break-up and de-pinned each other from the platform just before midterm season, citing the need for focus. However, the two remain friends and study buddies. “I’ll never forget her… notes,” sighed Jen.


John and Kristen

“Honestly, we just thought the name meant it was like a sharing platform for notes and stuff. You know, like ‘our’ courses, ‘cause we’re taking the course together? But we vibed.”


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