Election Results: SSMU President 2020

Graphic by Cynthia Cui
With 66.1% of the vote, 2L Law student Jemark Earle has been elected president of the SSMU for the upcoming academic year 2020. Read Earle’s statement on his intentions for the new year below:

As we all recently heard, the reopening of the University Centre has been pushed back until June [or] July 2020. While much of the planning of its reopening is being done by the current executive team, its execution will be left up to my team and I. It will be important for us to be prepared for this as well as ensure effective communication with the various student groups involved in this process.

Additionally, I would like to set short-term [and] long-term goals with my team for the year, as well as a long-term plan for SSMU for the next 5 years to be presented at the first Legislative Council in the new school year.

Lastly, I will begin reaching out to many of the various student groups on campus who have projects that they would like to collaborate on or need SSMU resources to accomplish to see how we can best work together.

I am excited for the year ahead, and thank you for putting your trust in me.


Further results: VP Internal Affairs, Declan McCool (88.2%); VP Student Life, Maheen Akter (64.5%); VP External Affairs, Ayo Ogunremi (69.6%); VP University Affairs, Brooklyn Frizzle (50.3%); and VP Finance, Gifford Marpole (86.7%).

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