Entertainment Management Finds a Place at McGill


McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management has taken a step towards transforming atypical conferences by hosting the first Entertainment Management Conference (EMC), to be held on February 1st-2nd, 2013. Students have identified  missing components in their curriculum and have taken the initiative to fill the gap. For two days, two hundred passionate and driven students from across Canada will participate in a series of conferences, panels, workshops, and several networking events. This represents a huge opportunity for many hoping to enter into the competitive and growing industry of Entertainment Management.

According to EMC’s Director of Public Relations Jony Tabuteau, the themes to be discussed at the conference, include the “music industry, marketing and sponsorship, hospitality and nightlife, events and festivals, and media.” Students will be engage directly with key note speakers through Twitter questions, and take part in workshops that simulate real-life negotiations.

EMC will be hosting this conference with Evenko, a Quebec-based promoter and producer that has worked on a variety of events such as The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival and Heavy MTL. This collaboration allows for the students participating in the workshops to present their final work to a panel of Evenko executives, using their expertise and industry knowledge to provide insights.

Interested in attending but worried that there are no spots left? Worry not. The conference registration is still available to McGill students for $55 and to other university students for $75. To register, visit EMC’s website www.emcmtl.com/register. Stay tuned via EMC’s social media sites for an information session providing details regarding keynote speakers in January.


Updates on the conference can be found at:

EMC’s website: (www.emcmtl.com)

Facebook Page: (www.facebook.com/emcmtl)

Twitter: (www.twitter.com/emcmtl).

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