EUS President Announces Resignation, Interim Appointed in Open Letter


BREAKING: The EUS President has just resigned. VP Internal Eric Kueper has been designated Interim-President, and a special selection committee has been struck to select the new President. The following is the announcement from the EUS Board of Directors:

Dear members of the Engineering Undergraduate Society,

Please read the following message from Zac Moreland, resigned President of the EUS:

“Over the course of the last four years, I have served my time and effort in a variety of roles within the EUS here at McGill, and the ESS (Engineering Students’ Society) at the University of Victoria. In this time I have truly felt welcome, accepted, and respected and the EUS community has been like a family to me. It is thus with a heavy heart that I must now write this, my official letter of resignation, to be effective immediately. My reasons for making this decision are plentiful and personal, and I would respectfully request that questions will not be asked of me regarding these reasons. I will say, however, that the end result of these various influences is that I am no longer confident in my ability to perform at the level that I myself would expect of a president.

I do not regret running for president. I have learned and grown a lot in the time that I have served thus far, and I do believe that I have done well and have helped pave the way for a good year. I will be readily available over the course of the next month to ensure a seamless transition as a new president is selected as per the guidelines expressed in the EUS constitution. Also in accordance with the EUS constitution, the role of interim president shall be executed by the EUS VP Internal, Eric Kueper, with the help of his fellow executives, until such a time that a new president is selected. I expect that Kueper be respected and assisted through this potentially difficult transition by everyone in the McGill Engineering student body, in particular the members of the EUS Council.

It has been an honor serving the EUS and it pains me to leave, but it is something that I must do. I wish you all the best moving forward.

Sincerely, Zac Moreland”

I am deeply sorry to hear of Zac Moreland’s resignation. During his time as President of the EUS he brought our executive together and certainly started EUS council off on the right foot. While the news of Zac’s resignation was certainly unexpected, the support my fellow executives have shown in aiding with this transitional period of the EUS is extremely encouraging.

I am confident that the EUS will move forward with little disruption as we continue through the 2013-2014 academic school year. With the support of my fellow executives, and of the knowledgeable and talented members of the committees under both the Presidential and VP Internal portfolios, I am confident that until a new President is selected, both portfolios shall continue to be executed to the fullest.

I can personally say that I am greatly enjoying my time as an EUS executive. I encourage any EUS member interested in the President’s position to approach any exec with any questions they may have. I look forward to welcoming the successor of Zac Moreland upon their selection, and until that time I am enthused to serve as Interim-President of the EUS.

All the best,

Eric Kueper Vice-President Internal and Interim-President Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University E:

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