Let’s Change the Redmen Name to…?

Photo: Ruby Mouhanna

In light of the widespread popularity of the “Change the Redmen Name” campaign and demonstration, The Bull & Bear is putting forward a poll with new names. We can’t get rid of the old name without a new one, so let’s get the ball rolling with some non-offensive options. Go ahead and cast your vote and/or add an option! Here’s an explanation of how we came up with the initial ones:

McGill Martlets

To be honest, it was very challenging to come up with another name that made more sense than this one. By changing the name from “Redmen” to “Martlets” for both female and male teams, we resolve the only argument we imagine is keeping the administration from changing the name: the hassle of rebranding. McGill would not have to change anything or spend a significant amount of money on new merchandise, advertising, or whatever else the Redmen “brand” entails. And the Martlet name certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing for gender equality, like, obviously. As we still haven’t heard any legitimate arguments against changing the name, why not just go with the name which requires the least effort?

McGill Redbirds

A very simple switch with a very big impact… although this kind of reinforces our argument behind Martlets, seeing as there’s little reason to continue to divide men’s and women’s teams if their name will essentially be the same thing. However, considering that the administration has not listened to this reasoning in the past, here’s an option which lets them keep half of the old name so we McGill students can never forget the Celtic significance of the colour red.

McGill Franglos

What better way to capture a school than to name a team in honour of the fake language – franglaise – that the majority of its students speak? By changing our mascot to an iteration of this language, we are able to represent what may possibly be the sole unifying factor with our fellow peers. Imagine their outfit: a striped shirt (France French). Imagine their props: dep wine (Quebec French). Imagine their ID: an OHIP card (Ontario English).

McGill Task Forces

What issue at this school has not been solved with the use of a task force? It’s the natural move for our administration to change the name to Task Forces because it’s something they’re familiar with and feel in control of. While our beloved Suzanne Fortier may not be immortal, it doesn’t mean her legacy shouldn’t be immortalized. Certainly, the right task force can defeat any sports rival if they can defeat the biggest issues facing our campus with the power of nuanced discussion and thoughtful perspectives, not to mention, someone with an ambiguous job title at the helm.

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