Letters – Frustrated Undergrad Trying to Get Some Cheap Coffee

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to highlight some frustration relative to your coverage of the changes made to the McLennan complex’s catering facilities.

The balanced approach you took is much to your honour, but I certainly do not feel it accurately represents students’ feelings. “Mixed feelings” is a gross understatement of what is best described as “bloody scandalized.” Presently, the complex is barely used as term has just started. Furthermore, the weather is warm, hence a walk to a nearby, cheaper place takes the form of a pleasant break. This simply will not be the case come December.

When a student newspaper published a “choose your library” article, it suggested Redpath to people for whom the experience of studying was “alike to a stay in Guantanamo.” How exactly does the experience of “gourmet,” locally sourced product and ridiculous fine pastries fit into this?! On my part, I certainly am not after a $10 meal deal or a $2.25 ultra-small coffee when I spend 8 hours in a row hitting the books. Most people I have talked to unsurprisingly appear to share the exact same sentiment.

Come December, when the line at Tim Hortons is 30 minutes long and the complex is so packed it can be difficult to find a seat, students will be faced with a choice. Either they may spend large amounts of money on a product they have no need for in their present situation or they will have to risk poor health and time wasting to get the right product somewhere else.

In your article, you quote someone as saying that this isn’t the place people come three times a day. Too right it isn’t, they seem to have that much common sense. Why didn’t this man realize that this was exactly what the McLennan cafeteria should be? I have caught myself going there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on multiple stressful days, and I have seen people sleep the night there on times when it was open 24/7. How can one plausibly argue these new facilities are anywhere near adequate?

The fact is that student needs have been neglected, and it is a terrible shame. Your article adds insult to injury.

A frustrated undergrad trying to get some cheap coffee

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