MUS Report Cards


With elections finishing up The Bull & Bear has decided to take a look back at the past year and evaluate our outgoing MUS executive team. Evaluations were done by comparing candidates’ campaign action plans with their achievements over the past year. We also gave special consideration to the long term impact of executive accomplishments; giving extra points to projects we see sticking around in the coming years.


Keep in mind that the grading is subjective and that all our MUS execs have done a great job in 2013-2014. Here’s hoping we have an equally talented bunch next year!

Aaron Ehgoetz – VP Internal


Grade: B+

The outgoing VP internal came into his position promising to improve student engagement in elections and to focus on the sustainability aspect of his portfolio. In both goals, Ehgoetz has been generally successful. Student turnout went up 5% in both the referendum and the executive elections compared to last year. This was partly thanks to new promotional techniques such as integrating the referendum with MUS’ welcome back carnival, as well as increasing promotion of MUS politics during events like Carnival. In the past year, 4a7 has encouraged students to bring reusable cups by charging those who do not. Sinfully Asian has also started composting, with mixed results. Often seen on the 2nd floor of Bronfman talking to students, Ehgoetz scored well on accessibility. Long term impact of Ehgoetz policies is unclear, in fact Sinfully Asian composting seems destined to fade out. And elections marketing depends on the willingness of future VP Internals to continue the effort.

Ross McDonach – VP Academic


McDonach’s platform last year promised to focus on transferable skills in the curriculum, add value to the curriculum, and improve operational efficiency. In the past year McDonach has worked to add lectures on course on writing CVs and cover letters, to the BUSA 250 curriculum. McDonach also worked with the co-chairs of Case League to split the formerly full-year course into semester long courses – allowing more students to participate. “We are not trying to teach students how to master the case crack method,” says McDonach, “we want to introduce them to it – the half year method is ideal in that regard.” By merging the Graduating and U2 Case Competitions into one, and creating the new VP Cases & Competitions, it is fair to say McDonach has taken his efficiency pledge seriously.

Ibrahim Irfan – VP Finance


Since coming into the role of VP Finance, Irfan has managed to pay 65% of MUS debt, craft a new fiscal policy, and generate $100,000 in tax refunds by refiling old taxes. The new policy and the extra $100,000 for future years gave our outgoing VP Finance high marks in Lasting Impact.

Flavie Laliberte – VP External


Laliberte’s main goal for the 2013-2014 school year was to work with the Desautels Management Case Competition to “increase competitiveness and build a strong basis for our delegations for future competitions.” Laliberte has worked the past year to redesign the training structure and recruitment program for case competitions. Consequently, this year the McGill team won third place overall at Financial Open, the most competitive the team has been in three years. Additionally, she worked to change McGill’s image at case competitions. In the past year, the school has been seen as more involved, and more approachable within the community of Montreal business schools.

Sean Alex Finnell – VP Engagement


Finnell came in promising to improve MUS events, make them more unique, and increase the charity component. This year’s frosh saw participation increase from 78 to 85 percent, with new policies making the event more inclusive for students who do not drink alcohol. “We were also able to make Carnival more philanthropic,” he adds, “our old cancer auction record was $23,000, and we reached $30,000 this year.” Finnell’s changes to the MUS Concert Series have caused increased engagement and will likely be continued in future years. Also new events like Hockey Night in Bronfman and collaboration with Red Thunder will likely become staples of MUS student life.

Shintaro Matsui – VP Communications


Matsui has made lasting changes in MUS’ relations with studio and media. Particularly important (in our humble opinion) is the new Memorandum of Agreement between the MUS and The Bull & Bear. “The relationship was strained between us and the B&B,” Matsui explained, “there wasn’t a proper structure. So I worked closely with Joël to create one.” Matsui also increased the number of First Year Involvement Team events and has seen an increase in attendance. “I want to convey to the student body that the MUS is an umbrella which multiple events, services and clubs fall under.”

Joël Taillefer


Present at almost every Desautels event and quick to respond to emails: President Taillefer gets high points for accessibility. Taillefer has also made lasting changes to MUS’ organization by creating the roles of VP Corporate Relations and VP Cases and Competitions, and by working through the Society’s first year with the new Constitution. “Our goal is to generate new successes with the betterment of what we currently have in place in terms of events and structures.”

 EDIT: A previous version incorrectly stated that BUSA 250 was added to the curriculum this year. This has since been corrected.