B&B Mine: Love and Dating Survey Results

Valentine's Day Hearts Pink Background by Rinck Content Studio (@rinckad) on Unsplash


Best Valentine’s Day Ever?

“7th grade. Will C, the hottest boy in our middle school, brought me a bag full of quality chocolate, cookies, and candy. Everything went downhill from there.”

“Getting a poutine and lying down in the snow.”

“Sharing chocolate and studying together at Redpath.”

“When I was 7 and everyone in the class got love letters.”

“He bought me chocolate, a lottery ticket and socks.”

“I really did have a Valentine’s day date at the 24hrs Tim Hortons on Sherbrooke. We talked about the state of our relationship (which was good) and shared an eclair (which was bad).”



Worst Valentine’s Day Ever?

“When I couldn’t get into cafe campus because the line was too long.”

“We had a single best friends vday and made pasta with baby clams and white wine. Everything was going great until my friend had a severe allergic reaction and we had to call the ambulance.”

“When I had a pregnancy scare on valentine’s day 😳 “

“Cold pizza, recently single, studying for an Orgo exam.”

“Farted in front of my crush in grade 6…”



Plans for this Valentine’s Day?

“Getting drunk with roommates and masturbating.”

“Treating myself this Valentine’s Day to some takeout, wine and self care.”

“I’ll prob watch When Harry Met Sally alone, cry for a bit, smoke some weed, and go to sleep.”

“Staying the f*ck home and eating fondue with my family ❤️ “

“Get f*cked so hard by midterms.”

“Drinking with my friends and watching Ratatouille.”


Graphics by Rose Bostwick

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