Candidate Profiles: 2nd Year Rep

The Academic Year Representatives of the MUS Council voice first and foremost the interests and concerns of the students within the academic year they have been elected to represent. They assume primary responsibility for addressing strategic objectives within their year of study and provide recommendations to improve the operations, governance and financial situation of the MUS. As full-fledged members of the Board of Directors, the Academic Year Representatives also participate in the Finance committee reviewing the MUS’ financial situation as well as the Governance committee where the MUS Policies and Constitution are reviewed.

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Name: Sauraj Gambhir

Year: U0

Campaign slogan: Your voice, through the right mouth.

Describe your platform:
As a first year in the Desautels Faculty of Management, moreover, as a U0, one feels very disconnected to their own faculty. Having to take courses outside the business school, and going there 1-3 times a week, can make one very disengaged with the society. Entering second year, I want these connections to get stronger. If elected, I am going to be the voice of the second-years in the council. I will voice every concern and interest of the people. Moreover, I will make sure that there is more transparency, and people are aware of events and services so that they don’t miss out. And lastly, to make the disconnection disappear, I plan to get second-years involved in the society by giving everyone an equal opportunity.

Describe your qualifications:
As a first-year, I am very involved and am part of councils at McGill which has given me experience to work in a council. I am currently the VP External of La Citadelle, a residence at McGill, which makes me part of the Inter-Residence Council, which has the biggest budget for a first-year council. I am also part of the MUS First Year Involvement Team and the 4a7 committee, which has given me the knowledge of how things work inside this faculty and some experience of working with the current board of directors and executives.


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Name: Jillian Noël

Year: U0

Campaign slogan: Envision, Innovate, Create

Describe your platform:
As second year representative on the Board of Directors, my priorities will be to represent our diverse student body, maintain and improve upon the positive direction of MUS and its activities, and ensure open communication throughout Bronfman. As a part of one of the most international schools and faculties in Canada, I believe that the diversity among us is not only what sets us a part, but also what makes us strong. I envision a way in which elected representatives may embody the unique composition of our faculty in all of the actions of the board, in that the needs and desires of each student are considered within decisions. Secondly, I will contribute to guiding MUS in a financially responsible direction that remains beneficial for both students’ education and experience. I will be innovative in finding new ways to involve and serve the student body in Bronfman, while forming and monitoring the adherence to our long-term strategic plan and the MUS budget. Lastly, I will strive to create open communication between the students I represent, and my colleagues on the board. It is essential to me that the members of MUS, its executive team, and its committees hear the voices and opinions of the second years, as well as that the students are aware of all current and future initiatives of our faculty. I will aim to create forums to communicate opportunities for our year within and outside of the Bronfman walls while also acting a resource for our year for information, referrals, or simply some help. I believe that to be a successful representative of a student body it is essential to think, make change, and act with the necessities and desires of that group of people in mind. As the second year representative, I will make it my main goal to ensure no opportunity is missed, no right is denied, and no voice goes unheard.

Describe your qualifications: 
This year, I have acted as a member of the First Year Involvement Team of MUS where I have worked with a group of fellow first years in engaging the entering class in the activities of our faculty through events and communication. I have also acted as a 4à7 server working as a team to serve to and manage crowds, as well as setting up and taking down. Both of these committees have provided me with the opportunity to learn and understand the way that MUS works and gain experience in our faculty. Outside of the management faculty, I am the co-chair of the Right To Play First Year Team, where we organize events and fundraisers for the international organization Right To Play. Prior to McGill, I have had extensive experience leading both engagement and charitable initiatives. I’ve been a project and group leader for events in the school and the greater community where I have improved my leadership and interpersonal skills, while raising money for organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society. This position will be something new for me, but I believe my involvement and leadership skills would well prepare me for this new opportunity.

Co-chair of Right To Play First Year Team (2013-)
Leader in organizing events and fundraisers for the global organization Right To Play

First Year Involvement Team (2013-)
Member of the team engaging the entering class in the Desautels Faculty of Management community through events and communication

4à7 Server (2014-)
Serving, managing crowds, and cleaning up at the Desautels weekly social

Project Leader of the Cops for Cancer Campaign – Oak Bay Secondary School (2011-2013)
Co-leader of yearlong initiatives in large-scale fundraising for pediatric cancer care, requiring planning of multiple charity events as well as delegating volunteers.

Student Leadership Group Leader – Oak Bay Secondary School (2011-2013)
Delegating a group of students in engagement and charity work in the school and greater community.


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Name: Meagan Prins

Year: U1 (first year)

Campaign slogan: Vote for effective leadership and innovative drive; vote Meagan Prins and let’s make our second year the best one yet.

Describe your platform: 
Transparency via Communication

Transparency between the MUS and second year students is a two way street that must be facilitated by the second year representative. Firstly, as one with this position, it would be necessary to ensure that second year students are entirely informed regarding the opportunities for involvement within the faculty in order to enhance their experience at Desautels. However, the effectiveness of this is limited without the flow of information from students to the MUS as the services, conferences, and activities provided by the MUS would not be ideal if they did not reflect the needs and desires demonstrated by the students in a given year. As a result of the recognition that so many memorable and learning experiences occur outside of the classroom, I would facilitate communication between students and the board to ensure that the best services are offered and that everyone is aware of them. This will be done through the offering of office hours, an extension of the MUS website or blog, coordination between committees, and the sending out of an engagement package for students of all years.

Facilitating Faculty Awareness & Belonging

Transparency is the first step in facilitating the awareness of activities, implementing new activities in response to a demand for them, and thus instilling a desire to be involved in what the MUS has to offer. As a result of feedback from students that I may receive during office hours, via the website, and other methods mentioned in the previous point, it is then necessary to make the respective adjustments and implementation of activities to reflect the voices of second year students and to ensure that the variety of events and conferences offered ensures a sense of belonging and a desire to participate from all second years within the faculty, despite the different interests they may have. Thus as second year representative, after obtaining an understanding of the desires of the students, I will bring them to the board and ensure that all possible changes are made for the betterment of the MUS.

Maximizing Involvement

By being involved, students will not only expand their network and learn more than they ever could within the four walls of a classroom, but the entire MUS community will be enhanced through the engagement of its students. However, this can only occur after the students’ needs and desires are taken into account, as previously mentioned. As a result of ensuring that programs and events offered are ideal, it is fundamental to maximize this involvement. This can be done through an expansion of MUS’ activities night (as opposed to the crowded event that has been held in previous years), and through receiving feedback as to the clubs offered.  McGill’s business school is one of the best out there. As a proud undergraduate student, I’m eager to facilitate involvement and ensure everyone’s years here are the best the absolutely can be.

Describe your qualifications:

  • Co-Chair of MUS’s First Year Involvement Team: As co-chair, I have been responsible for the planning and promoting events such as Froshbite, Meet the Professors (coming up in a few weeks, make sure you come out!), Masquarage, F**k Valentines, EMC, etc. I have also worked closely with the executives of MUS and so I have had great exposure to how the MUS works. I’m proud of and passionate about my faculty and have wanted to work for its betterment since day one, hence my involvement on the First Year Involvement Team.
  • Summer Intern at Ibitoye Law Office: As an intern at a law office, I am accustomed to efficiently handling huge responsibilities, as well as dealing with official matters such as policies, and ensuring clear communication between the lawyers and clients. These skills have not only enabled me to take whatever I am involved with seriously, but to ensure it is done to the best of my abilities, as in many cases, there are no room for mistakes.
  • Assistant to the CEO at Intouch ministries: I was responsible for donor and client correspondence. I am excited to use the effective communication skills I have developed as a result of my past work experiences to be the voice of second year students on the board and to simultaneously communicate what’s occurring within the MUS to students who are not informed.


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