Candidate Profiles: Ombudsperson

The purpose of the Ombudsperson is to ensure the awareness and the respect of student rights as well as the advocacy of equity issues at Desautels. The Ombudsperson reports to the MUS Council and is a confidential resource person for students regarding their rights and responsibilities at McGill University. The Ombudsperson represents or ensure representation for any active MUS member in approaching the Desautels Faculty of Management in individual matters and makes reports based on a complaint or question from a MUS member regarding the Society, a violation for the constitution or a special mandate from the Council.

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Name: Adam Carris

Year: U1

Campaign slogan: Raise awareness, create resources, spread knowledge

Describe your platform:
Hold student rights seminars

After consulting with management students, it has become clear that many of us do not understand our rights or options when dealing with conflict. One of my focuses as Ombudsperson will be to help students get a better understanding of how they approach conflict within the faculty. On top of acting as a liaison for student interests, I will hold workshops and information sessions in order to help Management students understand their options when faced with difficult situations.

Reach out to First-Year Students

First-Year students have a difficult time managing the transition into University life. With the current structure of the BCom program, most First-Year students have no idea about the possibility of reaching out to the ombudsperson for advice. To solve this, I plan initiate an information package that will highlight both student rights and the role of the ombudsperson for consultation. The information package will be included in the First-Year package as well as inside the BCom office for all Management students to view.

Create readily available resources

In case a student needs immediate consultation and cannot reach me in time, I will set up a blog and twitter feed where Desautels Alumni, Active students, and Faculty are able to contribute their experiences regarding conflict resolution. This will act as a FAQ to provide guidance to students when dealing with commonly faced issues (ex. Missed exams, professor conflicts, etc.). I will work with VP Communications to make these outlets readily available through the MUS website and electronic MUS listservs.

Describe your qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge of the MUS Constitution and Student Handbook
  • 2 years directing meetings for Right to Play
  • Committee Director for McMUN
  • Experienced sensitivity and inclusivity training as a Frosh Leader
  • Exceptional research and problem solving skills
  • Experience volunteering in the Vancouver East-Side where physical and verbal conflict is rampant


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Name: Gabriel Tamayo

Year: U0

Campaign slogan: For you, for the MUS community, for Desautels.

Describe your platform:
Through information sessions in which students will get know the MUS constitution as well as McGill’s students’ rights and responsibilities code, I will help the MUS community to understand their rights and responsibilities inside the faculty. Through this action every active member of the MUS will be able to realize if their rights and responsibilities have not been respected, leading them to look for help, promoting an environment of equity and respect through the Ombudsperson.

My main goal is to create a space inside the faculty where students understand their rights, the role that the Ombudsperson plays and its importance on the promotion of a more equal space and the infinite options that they have to express themselves and raise their voice to change and improve the faculty.

Describe your qualifications:

  • I consider myself an open minded person that enjoys listening to people in order to help them with any problem.
  • I will always have time for someone that really needs me; the happiness of others also means happiness to me.
  • My passion for reading and analyzing books will allow me to understand in depth the constitution of the MUS and the students’ rights.
  • I like to talk and communicate with others, it is for these reasons I will be able to listen to any problem or complain, and then look for a solution that will benefit the student and the faculty.
  • My strong sense of justice will help solve any situation regarding students’ rights as fast as possible, because if the right of any student of the faculty is not being respected, an environment of peace and equity will never be attained.


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