Candidate Profiles: President

The President is the highest-ranking position in student governance within the MUS and the Desautels Faculty of Management. The position exists to maintain cohesiveness between all different portfolios of
the MUS as well as to oversee the overall strategic direction of the organization along with the Board of Directors. Various tasks fall on the President’s shoulders such as acting as the spokesperson of the MUS, maintain relations with Desautels and McGill administration, enforce compliance with the Constitution, and represent Desautels externally.

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Name: Sean Finnell

Year: U3

Describe your platform:
I’d like to see the MUS push itself even further, where involvement will truly count more than ever. By focusing on these three strategic areas, I’m confident we’ll all be part of a far stronger undergraduate society.

Involvement should be innovative
I’m always keen to always challenge the status quo. As President, I’d be committed to growing promising new ideas, and continuously striving to improve existing ones. Whether this means encouraging new ideas for innovative conferences and clubs, reevaluating how we approach boosting our competitiveness in case competitions, or pioneering better ways for sustainability in the building, fostering a culture of constant innovation is a necessity.

Involvement should be effective
Helping draft the new constitution, I believe I’m highly qualified to manage its first year of implementation – including a revamped Board, a new MUS Council, and 2 new Vice Presidents. The far tighter integration of a Corporate Relations program, implementation of a new supplier management system, and a drastic reorganization of our competitive activities will all set precedent for years to come.

Involvement should be meaningful
Extracurriculars should truly maximize personal development through enhanced resources, personalized training, greater autonomy, and stronger accountability. We need to support our volunteers far more so that our BComs can truly grow academically, personally, and professionally, as per the MUS’ Mission Statement.

Describe your qualifications:
I currently serve as the MUS VP Engagement, where I manage a $400k portfolio of events. This includes social events like our largest Frosh on record, Hype Week & Carnival, and our new, highly successful series of concerts. I also oversee incredible charitable initiatives like CASCO, Cancer Auction, and P[h]assion.
I sit on the Governance committee that rewrote our new constitution, led the entire MUS rebranding, and founded the award-winning Desautels Entertainment Management Conference – the first student conference of its kind. I was Deputy Director of the Corporate Relations Team for two years, as well as the Director of Sponsorship for DMLS’ hallmark 10th anniversary.


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Name: Lili Lafrance

Year: U2

Describe your platform:

  • Unified environmental strategy within the Desautels Faculty
  • New Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Increased green initiatives around Bronfman


  • New and improved participant selection process
  • Alumni case coaching network
  • Overall increased internal promotion and recruitment


  • Full student body representation
  • Foster extracurricular involvement
  • Approachable, amiable and open MUS

Describe your qualifications:
I’ve been involved in many committee under the MUS since my first year at McGill. With committees ranging from philanthropic initiatives such as P[h]assion, to an administrative role in the Junior Enterprise Desautels as well as being an ambassador to Desautels, promoting our faculty to future students, I’ve been able to acquire a broad knowledge of the different roles the MUS plays for students. This year I am organizing Desautels’ first Fashion Business conference with the help of my lovely committee, which has developed my sense of organization, reliability and ability to look at the big picture, making sure every aspect is accounted for. I have always balanced many projects and events at once making my time management skills very strong. I am a very strong minded person but I also have quite an empathic personality which allows me to relate to the student body. I see myself as part of the students, not above them. The most important qualification I have that is important in any president is my love for this school and all the students in it.


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