Candidate Profiles: 3rd Year Rep

The Academic Year Representatives of the MUS Council voice first and foremost the interests and concerns of the students within the academic year they have been elected to represent. They assume primary responsibility for addressing strategic objectives within their year of study and provide recommendations to improve the operations, governance and financial situation of the MUS. As full-fledged members of the Board of Directors, the Academic Year Representatives also participate in the Finance committee reviewing the MUS’ financial situation as well as the Governance committee where the MUS Policies and Constitution are reviewed.

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Name: Drew Allen

Year: U1

Campaign slogan: A strong voice for an even stronger student body

Describe your platform:
With the elimination of academic discipline representatives, the challenge for the Board of Directors members is to find a way to cater to the needs of a very unique and diverse constituency. To do this, I plan to focus on three aspects that will provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of students possible.

By holding executives accountable for the promises made in their campaign, I will work to increase the transparency between the MUS and its student body. Two of the largest problems pertaining to this issue are the lack of financial transparency on the part of the MUS, as well as the lack of transparency in regards to reforming our constitution. While the new constitution will undoubtedly benefit this Society for years to come, many students were unaware that the executive committee was reforming it. Furthermore, the financial statements of the MUS are still absent from the Society’s webpage. BCom students have the right to know how the MUS is managing its budget, and where all the spending is going. This is a problem that I will address if elected.

The second area that I believe can greatly benefit 3rd year students is the strength of our alumni relations. The Desautels Faculty of Management has an outstanding alumni base, with countless members who are currently exceling in all aspects of the business world. Their knowledge would be an invaluable asset to 3rd year students who are actively looking for summer internships, followed by full-time jobs. With the creation of the Alumni Board this year, the MUS is making great strides towards a strong alumni community. If elected, I will work closely with the Director of Alumni Relations, as well as the Alumni Board, to promote sponsored events with substantial alumni attendance, where students of all academic disciplines are able to speak with past BCom graduates to gain insight into their desired industry.

The final area that I will focus on if elected is improving sponsorship to make the portfolio of MUS events more accessible to the student body. The MUS and all of its affiliated clubs plan and host many of the best extracurricular activities at McGill. As BCom students, we are extremely privileged to have access to numerous events that enrich our time spent as undergraduates. These events all work towards promoting the overall mission of the MUS, which is to cultivate the personal, academic, and professional development of BCom students. Unfortunately, due to financial barriers, many students are forced to make a trade off between one of the three development areas outlined in the mission statement. Too often, students are forced to choose between academic events, such as EMC and DMLS, professional events, such as the Toronto Finance Convention, and personal events, such as Carnival. I believe that to get the most out of their undergraduate degree, students should be able to enrich all 3 aspects of their lives, without having to worry abut financial barriers. If elected, I will use my background in corporate relations to promote sponsorship for the MUS, and further reduce the cost of participating in the variety of extracurricular activities offered by the society. By working with the Vice President of Corporate Relations, as well as the entire CR team, I believe that we can continue to procure sponsorship for the MUS and all of its events.

Describe your qualifications:
By serving as the Vice President of Corporate Relations on the Desautels Sports Management Club, I have gained valuable experience that will help me in working with the Corporate Relations team to reduce the financial barriers faced by many students.

As well, my involvement in numerous faculty events, such as the McGill Investment Club, Case League, EMC, and 4a7 have given me a broad understanding of all the Society has to offer, and how each of these events are run. With this knowledge, I will not only gain feedback from many different groups of students, but I will then use this feedback to make improvements to as many aspects of the MUS that I can. I believe that this diversified involvement will help me in representing as large of a portion of the 3rd year population as possible.


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Name: Fred Gou

Year: U1

Campaign slogan: I want to help you get a solid internship, get into the clubs and competitions you want, and bring back the tradition of passing down gifts from each class.

Describe your platform: 
Internship Preparation Package

I propose an internship preparation package to be distributed either in print or electronically to third year students in their second year summer. I met with Marie-José, Executive Director of the career center, and discussed with her needs and weakness of our career preparation system. The result was my idea of a package containing CV, cover letter and interview guidelines, a CV and cover letter template, and behavioral interview questions. Distribution will occur in the summer so third years can be prepared for even September recruitment.

Third Year Gift Program

Bring back the idea of an annual “gift” from the current third year class to next year’s incoming third year class. I reached out to last years MUS president Francisco and discussed things he’d like to see. He advocated the “pass-it-on” gift program and would love to see it come back. Surveys would be sent out at the start of the year to determine individual donation size ($1-5) and a gift theme. Reviving this tradition brings the Bronfman community closer and is a fun way to establish rapport.

CV database for MUS clubs & competitions

In efforts to support MUS’ new goal of raising our competitiveness, I propose to create a CV database for 3rd years that will be arranged by fields of interest (E.g.: Finances, graphic design). The database will be an additional resource for clubs or competition committees to conveniently refer to when positions open up. This initiative promotes campus engagement and better matches talents with opportunities.

Describe your qualifications: 
At a glance:

  • Reached out to Marie-José, Executive Director of Soutar Career Centre
  • Reached out to Francisco Javier, last year’s MUS President
  • VP Marketing of Management Information Systems Association
  • Corporate Relations for Financial Open Case Competition
  • Ambassador for Desautels Ambassador Program
  • Former Ambassador for International Management Association
  • Debate Union Member
  • Student Advisory Board for Calgary Board of Education

This year I am Vice President Marketing of the Management Information Systems Association. My role there involves creating, budgeting and marketing events for Information Systems students in the most efficient way possible. I personally reached out to Marie-José, Executive Director of Soutar Career Centre, to see the weaknesses of our career services and discussed the best ways to improve them. I also reached out to Francisco Javier, last year’s MUS President and discussed changes he would like to see to further the culture of Bronfman. I have been extensively involved within the Desautels community, having represented McGill when I was U0 at JDC debate. I believe my deep-rooted commitment to Bronfman allows to me build a solid and informed perspective on what needs changing and how to go about change.


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