Candidate Profiles: 4th Year Rep

The Academic Year Representatives of the MUS Council voice first and foremost the interests and concerns of the students within the academic year they have been elected to represent. They assume primary responsibility for addressing strategic objectives within their year of study and provide recommendations to improve the operations, governance and financial situation of the MUS. As full-fledged members of the Board of Directors, the Academic Year Representatives also participate in the Finance committee reviewing the MUS’ financial situation as well as the Governance committee where the MUS Policies and Constitution are reviewed.

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Name: Michael Consalvo

Year: U3

Campaign slogan: Simplifying your MUS

Describe your platform:
Connect the potential of MUS activities with developmental opportunities

The MUS offers a wealth of some of the most diverse, innovative, and interesting clubs, activities, and conferences that McGill has to offer however, they are not always exploited to their full potential by students. I look to spearhead initiatives – aided largely by the VP Communications – to create formal guides and platforms on which students can directly see where their participation in these activities can lead, whether it be to career, developmental, or involvement opportunities.

Ensure the governance and operations of the MUS executives are more accessible and transparent

This is in no shape a critique of the current MUS executive council, but rather a means to improve its operational transparency. We can all agree the Constitution reform was certainly needed and ultimately delivered a superior document, but how many MUS students knew the reform was even taking place? Matters of such importance should be known to all so that everyone has a voice. For instances such as these, as well as the day-to-day operations of the Board of Directors and MUS Executives, I suggest transparency and accessibility initiatives such as the streaming of council meetings, blog updates from boards members and executives, as well as further simplifications of documents such as the Constitution and Code of Conduct.

Advocate for greater event accessibility through the reallocation of a portion of profits towards financial support

Concurrently with my first point, I believe that participating in as many clubs, conferences, and activities the MUS offers yields benefits on both personal and academic levels. However, doing so requires a monetary investment not always readily available for students. By enforcing a reallocation of activity profits to subsidizing student participation, more students will be able to enjoy the benefits previously ascertained.

Describe your qualifications:
Over my time at Desautels, I have endeavoured to continually increase my involvement within the faculty. From humble beginnings as a member of a number of clubs including the McGill Investment Club, the Desautels Sports Management Club, and the Management Accounting Society, deepened my commitment to the MUS this year by acting as Director of Operations for Management Frosh 2014 as well VP of External Relations for the Desautels Sports Management Club. On a personal level, I have developed a strong results-driven work ethic as well as a self-challenging attitude that I will put into effect if I am elected to the Board of Directors.



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