Candidate Profiles: VP Academic

The VP Academic of the EUS is the liaison between students and faculty. The VP Academic is often the only student representation on a variety of Faculty committees such as the Academic Committee, Committee on Teaching and Learning and Continuous Program Evaluation Group. Contrary to the VP Finance, the VP Academic manages EUS student fees held in the Dean’s office, and chairs the committees who decide on spending of these accounts, ie. the Undergraduate Equipment Fund and the newly added Undergraduate Support Fund. The VP Academic also chairs the Student Faculty Liaison Committee, which allows for continuous conversation on academic concerns, between departmental presidents, the Engineering Student Center and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. They also oversee Tech Fair volunteer committee, Engineering Peer Tutoring Service and TechWeek. The VP Academic also sits on the Global Engineering committee, and enables and empowers any students who are actively pursuing a shift in the Engineering education paradigm towards a more holistic education.

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