Candidate Profiles: VP External

The Vice-President External of the EUS is responsible for dealing with organizations outside McGill. First and foremost, the VP External represents the EUS at congresses hosted by the provincial and national federations of Engineering student societies, where issues pertaining to Engineering students across Canada are discussed. These congresses are also valuable opportunities to make connections and exchange ideas with representatives from other Faculties of Engineering. The VP External also acts as a liaison between McGill Engineering and Quebec’s professional order of Engineers. Last but not least, the VP External oversees three committees geared towards giving students hands- on Engineering experience: the McGill Engineering Competition, the Engineering Tournament Committee, and McGill’s delegation to the Engineering Games. Simply put, the VP External is the EUS’s envoy to the rest of the world.

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Name: Marc-Olivier GrangerGranger

Year: U2

Describe your platform:

I want to bring my vision to the EUS regarding external relationships. For a while, the EUS has been known for being not seriously involved in its external affairs with other engineering schools. Although some progress has been made in the recent past, notably with EUS 2020, I believe there is still a lot to do. I propose actions that will truly set McGill engineering as an active member of the engineering community. There is a great value for our society and its student to take advantage of the external relations we have. In order to achieve this goal, I want to get students interest by better informing them and communicating more effectively the benefits of our external relationships. Also, my main engagement is to have the EUS officially present to the Québec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO) a bid to host the 2016 Quebec Engineering Competition (QEC). This major event bring together some of the best engineering students in the province to test their design and communications skills. By hosting QEC, McGill engineering will show their will to be part of this engineering community and it will give us a great opportunity to showcase our university. Also, if I am elected as the EUS VP external, I will work to increase McGill presence in external social event and competitions. There has been a lot of talk about re-branding the EUS and working to give it a better image both internally and externally. I will make sure to shows every other Engineering schools what McGill engineering and the EUS really are really about. I will take all those actions while making sure that our committees for the Engineering Games and McGill Engineering Competition (MEC) keep having the same success they had recently. The EUS will have strong delegations representing us at external competitions.

Describe your qualifications:

I believe I am a very strong candidate for the job. In my second year, I was VP finance for the Coop-Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society (CMEUS). This year I was VP Finance for McGill Engineering Games Delegation and mining engineering 3rd year class representative at EUS council as well as taking part in numerous other activities. My experience with the CMEUS and the EUS gives me a good knowledge of its activities and of its inner workings. Also, being involved with the Engineering Games, which is one of the events organized by QCESO, gave me a prime look at external relations as I got to meet with engineering students from across the province. I saw what makes a student society successful in its external affairs. That experience gave me a good knowledge of the values of our external activities and I got to face some of the issues related to the external portfolio. Furthermore, I am someone who is really dedicated and motivated for this job. I can bring leadership at the VP external in order to set the EUS as a positive leader in its community. I will get things done!



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