Candidate Profiles: VP Clubs and Administration

The VP Clubs and Administration is the liaison between all clubs and design teams and the EUS. They are responsible for overseeing the formation of all new clubs, and assisting with the day to day operations of existing clubs. They are chair of Clubs Council, and they sit on both the Clubs Funding Committee and the Design Team Funding Committee. In addition to their responsibilities with clubs, they are responsible for ensuring that EUS Council runs smoothly. They must make sure that council minutes are taken, and they must issue the agenda and minutes of council meetings. They are also responsible for the orientation of council members and make sure councillors attend meetings. They also organise Engineering Activities Day and the Hema-Quebec Blood Drive once per semester. Lastly, the VP Clubs and Administration is in charge of the Engineering U0 Council, a group of U0 students who plan social and academic events for other U0 students.

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Name: Robyn ConwayConway

Year: U1

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