Candidate Profiles: VP Services

The VP Services is responsible for overseeing the operation of all the Services the EUS has to offer. That includes Copi-EUS, Common Room, Frostbite, General Store and Lockers! Working together with the Managers, the VP Services is to ensure that the services offer affordable products for the benefit of all students while still making some profits; these earnings are then reinvested in bringing engineering students more and better events! The VP Services is also part of the Space Improvement Fund Committee which helps allocate funds to specific groups and departments for improvements in their space, as well as the Branding Committee which works to build and improve the overall image of the EUS as a whole.

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Name: Justin DalrympleDalrymple

Year: U4

Describe your platform:

My platform is very simple, improve the Services offered by the EUS. Whether that be increasing the publicity of each of the services or ordering a new ice cream flavour for Frostbite, I want to promote the growth of the services and increase their availability to the student body.

Describe your qualifications:

Service related: Frostbite employee 2010/2011, Frostbite Manager 2012 – Present, General Eus “Fix things” Person which has ranged from setting up cable for the common room with the old VP Services, to repairing/replacing the sinks in both Frostbite and the common room kitchen.

Non-Service Related: OAP Food Manager, Frosh Coordinator, Grad Comm. Member, E-Week Organizer, MERTW Organizer, Volunteer-for-any-event-that-could-use-help.


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Name: Dean Di GiorgioDi Giorgio

Year: U1

Describe your platform:

We have some really great facilities in the EUS mall, but a lot of unrealized potential. There are so many people that have no idea about the fantastic deals we have at the general store and how much money they could be saving by buying things like soft drinks and school supplies there. We also have some really great printing facilities at Copi-EUS. However, there are many organizations and small businesses around campus that aren’t taking advantage of that. It would be my goal to improve awareness around campus and reach out to organizations and businesses to not only make student life more affordable, but also recirculate more money into YOUR EUS.

Describe your qualifications: 

Having lived in Montreal and coming from CEGEP, this is only my first year here. Although I don’t have much experience at McGill I do have many other qualifications. In CEGEP, I was an integral part of our Model UN team, which ranked in the top 50 teams in North America. I also gained key leadership experience at the currency exchange office which I work at during my summers, as I was responsible for training many employees. What makes me most qualified for this job is my fresh look on the whole situation. In my opinion, one of the greatest assets about student politics is the fact that ever year, you get different people to come in with different perspectives. I believe that the EUS mall has a lot to gain from a new leader who sees things differently and bring a different perspective to the table while still keeping in mind what the past management has done to make such great stores.


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Name: Lian Al BardaweelAl Bardaweel

Year: U2

Describe your platform: 

I plan to increase awareness across McGill so that we get more customers, which leads to more money and in return more opportunity to get new items and offer more deals (everyone loves savings!) !!$$$!!! Since the EUS services are run “by students, for students” I will conduct surveys to hear how you, the students, think any of the services (this includes the common room and lockers) can be improved. I will also have a suggestion box year-round to hear your ideas. I am willing to go the extra mile to make your ideas a reality. In addition, the space improvement fund falls under the VP Services Position, I will make sure that all departments and groups are aware of this fund so that everyone can have the couch or fridge or ______ that their space needs.

Describe your qualifications:

I have a lot of experience in leadership and team work. From organizing lemonade stands and garage sales growing up, to being involved in every single club in high school, to my most recent involvements at McGill. Organising, overlooking, and leading current and innovative projects is what keeps me alive (along with breathing, food, and sleep but those are only secondary essentials in my life). When I came to McGill, I got involved from day one; here are some of the things that I was a part of:

  • U0: U0 committee, Concrete Canoe Finance sub-team captain
  • U1: Concrete Canoe Co-Captain, POWE VP Student Outreach
  • U2: POWE President, Concrete Canoe Mixing sub-team Troitsky Bridge Building Competition

I would like to take the knowledge and innovative thinking that I have gained from my previous involvement to the EUS and reach out to a bigger group of people.


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