Candidate Profiles: VP Internal

The Vice President Internal is in charge of the McGill Engineering student life, the EUS internal relations with the other Faculties and with McGill students at large. The role focuses on providing social and athletic programming to engineering students, as well as managing and recruiting the largest volunteer base of any executive. The Vice President Internal manages the committees organizing multiple events throughout the year including Orientation Week, E-Week, Plumber’s Ball, Iron Ring Wine & Cheese receptions, as well as running the sports leagues (Broomball, Soccer, Flagball) and ski trip. The Vice President Internal works with the departments and clubs of the EUS to provide weekly entertainment via Blues Pubs held in the EUS Common Room. The Engineering Adventures Committee, also overseen by the Vice President Internal, provides opportunities for engineering students to interact and socialize in non-drinking environments, such as through rafting, snow tubing, rocky horror show, and other trips they embark on.

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Name: Justin BeaveridgeBeaveridge

Year: U3

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