VP Finance Candidate: Niall Carolan

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Financial Stability carolan

There’s a lot of inefficiencies we can look at: just with the general budget there is, like, 1.2 to 1.3 million dollars of administrative overhead… it’s worth looking at to see if we can make more cost-efficient decisions on that side, you can also improve efficiency of things like Gerts or mini-courses (not to say that beer prices will be going up).

Acknowledging the financial difficulties that have plagued SSMU since 2010, Niall Carolan wants to create some much-needed financial stability in the SSMU through improving the efficiency of the financial ventures taken on by the student union.

Clubs & Services

In terms of funding, I’d be working to use the least amount of money to give the most benefits to students… I don’t have the right to say which view or which issue is more important. That’s not my gig. My gig is to make sure that the benefits are passed on to the students…

As VP Finance, Niall Carolan would seek to maximize benefit for students. Asked how he would choose what services should be prioritized, he had this to say.

Transparency and Awareness

I want to provide concise and transparent financial information to all students – and that includes SSMU Execs.

Carolan has multiple plans for improving transparency and awareness in educing the information into its most concise and simplified iteration, and providing monthly infographics to provide a snapshot of how things are going, providing financial information should be regular, reliable, and comprehensive executive summaries of SSMU over the months.

Improving the VP Finance Portfolio

Carolan has grand plans that might be difficult to practically implement. When asked about the real feasibility of his plans, he assured that there has been precedence in changing the portfolio of VP Finance. Two of the other ways he wants to ensure that the VP Finance portfolio is a success is through making sure that the administrative staff is issuing cheques and working efficiently, and to use infographics to improve transparency.

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