VP Internal Candidate: Daniel Lawrie

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Do your new communication platforms incorporate feedback? How will you ensure that these platforms aren’t just used as a broadcast mechanism?12380924_10208293022185303_34630167_o

We’re currently in a digital age of immediate communication and awareness, and I intend to utilize that in order to make my vision a reality.

Daniel has been in touch with IT developers and the host company of the myMcGill app to create a feedback system of polls and direct messaging. He also suggests google forms to get direct responses from students.


Trust is tricky to build with even the closest of friends, and takes dedication, patience, and respect. How do you intend to earn the trust of thousands of students?

Though it’s logically impossible to meet 25,000 students, one of the best ways to develop trust is by meeting as many people as I can face-to-face, and ensuring the entire student population knows I’m listening to their concerns.

Through a feedback system, Daniel advocates for full transparency within the student body and better awareness of SSMU initiatives and happenings around campus.


Through your school spirit initiative, would you be identifying an outlet that students actively seek out or just utilizing it under the guise of SSMU support?

SSMU is an organization that works to support its population. We’re all students of McGill and a desire to enact change and affect policy needs to come directly from our peers and colleagues.

Daniel references the idea of better communication that remains central to his campaign, citing awareness as essential to involvement.


How important is it for you to facilitate inter-faculty discussion? How can students gain knowledge from faculties outside of their own?

Through inter-faculty relations we can develop an open dialogue about what we want as students. The fact that the administration leaves the decisions up to us is our advantage, and we should definitely be utilizing it.


What unique experience do you have that qualifies you for the position of VP Internal?

I’ve bounced around international schools all my life, meeting so many different peoples throughout. The constant introduction of new cultures has given me an incredible wealth of knowledge to communicate with people effectively and remain inclusive and open.

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